Cult Leader

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Cult Leader

Develop The Beliefs, Skills and Magnetism To Start Your Very Own Cult

Course Manual - Conscious Training

  • Cult Leader Skills
  • Secret Techniques Of Mesmerism
  • Communication Skills
  • Inside Out Persuasion
  • Outside In Persuasion
  • Meta Model Secrets
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Switch From Groups To Individuals
  • Group Influence Techniques
  • Unanswered Question Exercise
  • Fearless Speaking Skills
  • How To Move Large Crowds
  • Cut Through Surface Level Deceptions
  • Understanding Human Motivation
  • The Three Things Everybody Wants
  • Unstoppable Self Confidence
  • Easy Exercises To Skyrocket Courage
  • Magnetic Persuasion Skills
  • How To Move Their Emotions
  • The Ancient Emotional Tool
  • Understanding Human Wants
  • Unlocking Unlimited Desires
  • Deciphering Human Aspirations
  • The Truth Of Maslow's Hierarchy
  • Why Humans Always Need More
  • The Necessity Of Mental Trade
  • Predicting The Human Decision Making Processes
  • Leveraging Human Weakness
  • X-Ray Insights Into Human Self-Deception
  • Unconscious Triggers
  • Irresistible Power of Authority
  • Generating Infinite Social Proof
  • How Reciprocity Made Millions
  • Slippery Slope Commitment and Consistency
  • The Scarcity of Information Technique
  • Comparison and Contrast Secrets Of Billion Dollar Ad Men
  • Generate Unconscious Rapport
  • Understanding Basic Economics
  • Evolution Of Monetary Systems
  • The Petrodollar Reserve Currency
  • The Penultimate Concept
  • The Permanent Scarcity Theory
  • The Mystery Of Time Preference
  • Cyclical Flow of Time
  • Why All Societies Must Collapse
  • Deciphering The Signs of Collapse
  • Leveraging The Signs of Collapse
  • How To Leverage The Ills Of Society
  • Creating Beneficial Cult Intentions
  • Keep Your Cult Legal and In High Esteem
  • Cult Leader Practice Skills
  • Subconscious Modeling
  • How To Model Your Own Imagination
  • Step By Step Cult Building Plan
  • The Common Pain Of All People
  • How To Provide Relief

Subliminal Programming Sessions


Be seen as a timeless leader. Resonate with truth and authority. Gain instant and deep respect from all who have the luxury of interacting you.

  • Maximum Authority
  • Ultimate Respect
  • Extreme Persuasion
  • People Feel Safe Around You
  • People Feel Blessed Around You
  • Radiate Wisdom
  • Ideal Reputation
  • Be Sought By Others
  • Supreme Admiration

Emotional Resonance

Speak directly to their emotions. Cut through surface structure trivialities and move them on deep and profound levels. Give them heavenly emotions they won't be able to feel anywhere else.

  • Calming Presence
  • Deep Comforting Words
  • Generate Peaceful Congruence
  • Alleviate Suffering
  • Inspire Hope
  • Create Life Changing Aspirations
  • Be What Is Missing In Their Life
  • Solve Ancient Fears
  • Evoke Profound Changes


Resonate nobility in all areas. Emanate expertise in all areas. Proclaim through your presence that you stand for truth and all that is good. Become a magnet for the very best people society has to offer.

  • Model Behavior For Others
  • Model Thinking For Others
  • Model Beliefs For Others
  • Be An Inspiring Figure
  • Be The One They Look Up To
  • Become Guardian To Their Lives
  • Lead By Example
  • Inspire Unwavering Loyalty
  • Elicit Profound Devotion

Public Speaking Power

Feel at home proclaiming your truth in front of any audience. Move them to deep levels of profound resonance, and inspire them to take life changing action.

  • Move Crowds As One
  • Erase All Social Fears
  • Magnify Self Confidence
  • Inspire Large Crowds To Action
  • Be In Demand Everywhere
  • Leverage Any Speaking Opportunity
  • Become A Leader During Any Crisis
  • Inspire Great Personal Shifts
  • Unlimited Social Proof and Authority

Sexual Resonance

Radiate irresistible attractive sexual energy on a subconscious level. Tap the infinite source of natural personal magnetism that powers your thoughts, actions and expressions.

  • Unstoppable Attraction
  • Magnetic Allure
  • Irresistible Magnetism
  • Words Dripping With Desire
  • Infinite Energy Source
  • Ancient Powers of Motivation
  • Powerfully Persuasive Energy
  • Undeniable Feelings
  • Wordless Influence

Spiritual Wisdom

Feel a deep connection to infinite intelligence. Channel ancient truths in common situations. See beyond the mundane, and connect with others in a deep way.

  • Deep Connection To Truth
  • Feel Resonance With Infinite Intelligence
  • Make The Mundane Profound
  • Powerfully Calming Presence
  • Healing Gaze
  • Inspire Peace In Others
  • Make All Things New
  • Obliterate All Fears
  • Teach Sophisticated Truth

God Frame

The ultimate in being. Transform any crowd by your mere presence. Simply inhale to speak and enjoy the expectant hush washing over your followers opening their minds for your divine message.

  • Unspoken Authority
  • Life Changing Presence
  • Instantaneous Peace
  • Deep Love of Humanity
  • Calming Gaze
  • Transform Entire Crowds
  • Create Instant Excitement
  • Life Changing Interactions
  • Become The Center of Their World

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your cult leader skills or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once. Use to build in a deep base of confidence or as the icing on the cake.

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities
  • 4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost
  • 256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices
  • Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs
  • Slow Growth In All Areas
  • Develop Subconscious God Mode
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Cult Leader

9 ratings
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