Emotional Freedom

George Hutton
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Release Past Trauma, Overcome Inhibitions and Fearlessly Glide Through Life

Comprehensive training for your conscious mind, and 8 hours of powerfully effective subliminal programming for your unconscious mind.

  • Uncover All Of Your History
  • Change The Meaning Of Events As They Happen
  • Stop Being Sucker Punched
  • Feel In Complete Control Of Your Emotions
  • Easily Shrug Off Mean or Rude Encounters
  • Discover True Inner Peace and Happiness
  • Be Free From Emotional Distress And Worry
  • Feel Confident And Relaxed In Social Settings
  • Feel Confident And Relaxed In Romantic Settings
  • Obliterate All Irrational Fears
  • Easily Speak Up When You Want To
  • Calmly Explain and Defend Personal Boundaries
  • Never Feel "On The Spot" Again
  • Have Fun Learning Again
  • Have Fun Getting Feedback Again
  • Become Much More Spontaneous And Outgoing
  • Blast Away All Rejection Fears
  • Feel Deep Acceptance No Matter Where You Are
  • Feel Deep Acceptance No Matter Whom You're With
  • Approach Anybody With Ease And Confidence
  • Feel Happy Even When They Say "No"
  • Feel Deep Love For Yourself Regardless Of Outcome
  • Become Truly Outcome Independent
  • Easily Speak Up When You Want
  • Confidently Ensure You Are Heard
  • Easily Overcome Objections
  • Develop Unstoppable Social Confidence
  • Speak Slow And Confidently
  • Speak Clear And Persuasively
  • Easily Ask Until You Receive
  • Feel Completely Relaxed In Crowds
  • Feel Relaxed And Centered At The Center Of Attention
  • Easily Hold Large Crowds Mesmerized
  • Significantly Increase Charisma And Magnetism
  • Enjoy Public Speaking
  • Hold Them In Rapt Attention
  • Never Feel On The Spot Again
  • Easily Handle Criticism With Ease
  • Never Take Anything Personally Again
  • Hold Your Own In Any Disagreement
  • Always Disagree With Confidence
  • Feel Confident Even When The Whole Crowd Is Against You!
  • Never Hold Back Your Opinion Again
  • Win Arguments Easily And Confidently
  • Comfortably Go At Your Own Pace
  • Always Feel At The Center Of The Action
  • Never Feel Like You're Playing "Catch Up"
  • Let Old Lovers Go With Ease
  • Easily Release Those You Aren't Compatible With
  • Obliterate Any Abandonment Issues
  • Never Feel Like You Need To Be Anywhere But Where You Are
  • Always State Your Case
  • Never Worry About Interruptions
  • Confidently Allow Others To Disagree
  • Never Hide Your True Feelings Again
  • Be Completely Open In Intimate Situations
  • Enjoy True Self-Expression Without Fear
  • Never Hide The "Real You" Again
  • Clearly And Confidently Express Your Limits
  • Easily Let Others Know What's NOT OK
  • Increase Attraction And Desire From Others
  • Never Depend On Assumptions Again
  • Never Again Worry About Pushing Others Away
  • Express Your Boundaries So They'll Respect Them
  • Develop A Strong Congruent Presence

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Emotional Freedom

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