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Nice Guy Killer

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Nice Guy Killer

Ditch False Nice Guy Ideas And Claim Your Sexual Destiny

Course Structure

This course is broken down into three large segments.

Each segment has seven sections.

Conscious Segment

The conscious sessions are designed for you conscious mind.

To teach you the why's and the how's of transforming your personality into that of a high valued sorter.

Seven sessions about human nature, relationships, love, sex, romance and friendship.

Hypnotic Storytelling Sessions

These storytelling sessions are calibrated to the conscious sessions.

Each story delivers to your subconscious the ideas from the conscious sessions.

But in a much more personal, much more subconscious and much more hypnotic way.

Subliminal Sessions

Three sessions of an hour each.

Self Driven Human

Skyrocket Ambition

Destroy Complacency

Ignore Fake Status

Ditch Approval Seeking

Follow Your Dreams

Live Your Purpose

Define Your Life

Bad Trait Eliminator

Obliterate Nice Behavior

Destroy Unhelpful Traits

Crush Unattractive Tendencies

Enhance Congruence

Bolster Assertiveness

Subdue Nervous Energy

Attraction At A Distance

Status Generator

Gain Genuine Status

Feel Deep Respect

Divine Social Power

Natural Attraction

Self Sustaining Prestige

World Class Reputation

Unconsciously Seductive Stature

Attraction Generator

Deep Emotional Love

Natural Conversations

Body Language Seduction

Irresistible Eye Contact

Head Turning Movements

Gigantic Self Confidence

Old School Class

Relationship Enhancer

Deep Communication

Emotional Bonding

Life Long Love

Mutual Understanding

Erotic Teamwork

Co-Empire Building

Desired By Everybody

Self Maximizer

Skyrocket Best Skills

Enhance Strengths

Destroy Weaknesses

Intellectual Confidence

Social Grace

Physical Domination

Glorious Future

Prospect Collector

Automatic Network

Social Poise

Easy Friend Generator

Quickly Establish Relationships

Army Of Supporters

Make Friends Everywhere

Skyrocket Popularity

Master Mix

This courses comes with a powerful master mix.

All statements from all sessions blended into one powerful brain from of nice guy obliteration energy.

This comes with a carefully calibrated guided visualization, which guides you, within three distinct points in human history, from a young helpless receiving child to a dominant and widely respected leader.

When combined with the powerful subliminal session, this natural transition will resonate in all areas of your life.

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Nice Guy Killer

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