Chakra Maximizer

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Chakra Maximizer

Open Your Chakras Completely And Dominate Everything In Life

What's Included

Each chakra will be treated individually with a collection of subconscious programming techniques.

First, you'll relax and a soothing voice will guide you through an inner exploration within each chakra and it's characteristics.

Then you'll be taken on a journey through your memory and discover evidence of your past successes.

Once your mind is in the right state for programming, you can listen to any of the three levels of subliminal programming.

What Happens When Your Chakras Are Healthy?

Root Chakra

  • Absolute Safety
  • Grounded In All Situations
  • Survival Needs Covered
  • Unwavering Confidence
  • Deep Fears Vanish
  • Obliterate Negative Self Talk
  • Eradicate Self Doubt

Sacral Chakra

  • Emotional Stability
  • Full Emotional Resources
  • Unbridled Creativity
  • Lateral Thought Creation
  • Full Sexual Acceptance
  • Unstoppable Sexual Energy
  • Emotional-Sexual Resonance

Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Maximum Personal Power
  • Irresistible Agency
  • Unstoppable Self Confidence
  • Dominant Frame Energy
  • Unshakeable Focus
  • Infinite Ambition
  • Increased Health

Heart Chakra

  • Deep Compassion
  • Resounding Sympathy
  • Unparalleled Empathy
  • Profound Emotional Congruence
  • Irresistible Happiness
  • Insanely Attractive Energy
  • Mesmerizing Presence

Throat Chakra

  • Unstoppable Speaking Confidence
  • Magnetic Voice
  • Unlimited Persuasion
  • Natural Seduction
  • Authoritative Frame
  • Hypnotic Energy
  • Gargantuan Social Confidence

Third Eye Chakra

  • Deep Intuition
  • Accurate Premonitions
  • World Class Perception
  • Understand Deeper Intentions
  • Skyrocket Conversational Skills
  • Turbo Charge Relationships
  • Understand Far Beyond Normal

Crown Chakra

  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • God Consciousness
  • Commune With God Mind
  • Know Your Higher Self
  • Super Conscious Connection
  • Subconscious Congruence
  • Exist On A Higher Plane

There's nothing you can't do with healthy, open, functioning chakras.

All you need to do is relax, slip on some headphones or earbuds, and let the sounds do the work.

Get this program now and enjoy your spectacular life!

Master Mix

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • Turbo Chakra Blast
  • Fine Tuning Session

Get this program now and become irresistible!

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Chakra Maximizer

0 ratings
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