Deep Structure

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Deep Structure

Easily Elicit Dream Desires

What's Included

Three written sessions, describing human thought, human desires and the most effective human communication.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind to become the most effective, most elegant, most charismatic communicator possible.

Written Sessions

Session One teaches you about the reasons behind the seemingly complex emotions that drive all our behaviors.

Why we love dramas that allow us to watch various characters play out these complex emotional interactions in the most pleasing ways possible.

A basic overview of the difference between surface structure language and deep structure desires.

Session Two covers the basic structure of deep desires.

How all our desires can be easily put in just a few, easy to remember categories.

The deep filters we can apply to each single structure to create endless permutations of bliss inducing conversations.

Session Three is all about how to shift easily from surface structure small talk to deep structural bliss.

How to start off any conversation with any stranger and get them feeling and expressing their most powerful fantasies they never knew they had.

How to not only build up their future dreams as brightly as possible, but why they'll subconsciously associate all their dreaming energy with you.

Subliminal Sessions

One - X-Ray Conversationalist

Build in the filters to see the fantasies in everybody.

Develop powerful interpersonal X-Ray vision to quickly find out the most penetrating questions to ask to bring out their most fantastic fantasies.

See far beyond and beneath the false outer shell most people protect themselves with.

Two - Fascination Generator

Build in the belief that you can take any random person and turn them into a fascination machine.

Fascinated with themselves, with life, with their future, and with you.

Quickly eliminate any fear, hesitation or anxiety within anybody you choose to speak with.

Three - Dream Hero

Become the archetypical hero to anybody.

Become the conversational savior and obliterate all their deepest fears and problems.

Get them quickly and naturally associating fantasies of all kinds with you.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together to fill your brain with subconscious conversational love strategies.

Get this now and never worry about what to say again.

Get this now and put passion back into any relationship.

Get this now and turn absolute strangers into your biggest fans.

Get this now and become a walking love wizard.

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Deep Structure

0 ratings
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