Seductive Charisma

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Seductive Charisma

Radiate An Attractive Frame And Magnetize Their Lust

Subliminal and Guided Hypnosis Session Descriptions

Self Appreciation

  • Powerful Self Love
  • Seductive Outcome Independence
  • Radiate Pure Happiness
  • Childlike Exuberance
  • Impervious To Rejection
  • Natural Humor
  • Addictive Attitude

Natural Game

  • Free Flowing Conversations
  • Effortless Seduction
  • Brilliant Storytelling
  • World Famous Wit
  • Wonderful Reframes
  • Hero Of Every Party
  • Deep Emotional Resonance

Frame Authority

  • Automatic Leader
  • Never Be Frame Tested
  • Others Follow You
  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • Head Turning Magnetism
  • Win All Arguments
  • Outframe Everybody

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Master Mix

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • 4VG Master Mix
  • 4VT Master Mix
  • 256VT Master Mix
  • A Brain Bath of Power
  • Lust Generator
  • Accelerated Programming

Get this now and live a life of sexual abundance.

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Seductive Charisma

0 ratings
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