Mental Strength

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Mental Strength

Leverage Your Most Powerful Asset And Turn Your Life Into An Ambition Driven Conquest Of All You Desire

What You'll Learn

Competition Domination

Why the first step in successful brain building is realizing that everything is a competition.

But fast on the heels of this understanding is the realization that most everybody you'll competing with has brains made out of pancake batter.

The truth of Mother Nature's Pareto Distribution death match and how to get into the coveted top ten percent again and again.

Why understanding the truth of human nature will give you secret backdoor access to the top.

Long Game Dominance

The necessity of a long game strategy, and why this is much easier than you think.

Why all you need to do think one step further and you'll win every single time.

Why competing against Netflix binge watchers will make success much, much easier than you may realize.

The reason why long game strategizing is the one skill of every oligarch, every robber baron and every ancient empire builder, and how you can leverage this ancient and powerful skill for your own benefit.

Future Vision

This one measurement that will shed light on why modern society is such a train wreck.

How to practice the most powerful brain trait on a daily basis so you can literally feel your future.

Why this one trait is the source of all the benefits of modern society, and how make yours stronger than anybody you know.

The simple daily exercise that will forever obliterate the need for willpower of any kind.

Steel Trap Mind

The one easy switch that will instantly double your memory.

Basic memory techniques you can start today that will build your memory strong enough to remember the names of everybody in a room.

Why your memory is just like a muscle, and why the more you practice, the stronger and more natural it will become.

The simple three step process to quickly and permanently install any piece of data into your long term memory.

Unwavering Focus

The most critical element of being able to focus on any subject.

Why clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts is just as necessary as focusing on any study material.

The ancient tribal model of focus and how to replicate this for the most success.

The one thing you can easily use to motivate yourself to study any material you want.

Respected Authority

How to become a master of meaning so more people defer to your leadership in more situations.

Why being recognized as a natural leader is rarely associated with raw intelligence.

How to quickly read any room and find out who is your most likely competition, and how to dominate them.

The simple humorous reframe that will get people following you for any reason.

Infinite Dreams

Why dreaming about a yet to be determined future is your most powerful weapon of a successful life.

How to create a future so compelling, even if you have no idea how to get there, you'll be willing to try anything.

How to strengthen your daydreaming muscle, and use this to propel you forward.

Why ambition is your most precious resource, and how catapult yourself to unimagined success by this ancient driver of all human achievement.

Subliminal Descriptions

Competition Destruction

Always Come Out On Top

Leave Wanna-Be's Behind

Outthink Everybody

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Top Notch Skills

Always Ahead Of The Pack

Success Driven Success

Long Game Dominance

Think Years Ahead

Plan All Moves Beforehand

Destroy All Obstacles

Predict Future Problems

Always Have Options

See Openings Up Ahead

Pre-Leverage Changing Markets

Future Vision

Unstoppable Ambition

See Beyond Now

Plan Life Years Ahead

Massive Delayed Gratification

Grow Your Empire

Old School Visionary

Never Be Surprised

Steel Trap Mind

World Class Memory

Razor Sharp Intellect

Remember Every Detail

Massive Facial Recognition

No Need For Notes

World Famous Brain

Power Through Massive Details

Unwavering Focus

Laser Guided Brain

Intimidating Eye Contact

Intense Presence

Magnetic Attention

Remember Every Word

See Infinite Details

See What Others Can't

Respected Authority

Dominate All Crowds

Pre Frame Conversations

Staggering Reputation

Unstoppable Confidence

Unbreakable Frame

Passionate Non Verbal Energy

Simple Words Move Minds

Infinite Dreams

Never Ending Dreamer

Unlimited Passion

Always Outside Thinker

Ceaseless Inventions

Magnetic Creativity

World Savior

Always Reinvent Yourself

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Mental Strength

0 ratings
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