Outcome Independence

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Outcome Independence

The Most Elegantly Persuasive Frame

What's Included

Three written sessions filled with the philosophical underpinnings and structural exercises so you can become outcome independent as soon as possible.

Three subliminal themes to program your deep mind with the necessary beliefs to achieve outcome independence.

Written Sessions

Session One is the idea of outcome independence from a structural level.

Why simply being outcome independent is really a misdirection.

How and what to focus on to push all unhelpful ideas out of your brain.

Session Two is all about the internal description of outcome independence.

The internal thinking mechanics to achieve the irresistibly attractive interpersonal flow state.

What to focus on to make that deep and ancient attraction happen as naturally as possible.

Session Three is the simple daily exercises that you can do anywhere any time to significantly enhance and strengthen your flow state muscle.

How to make the conversational flow state with anybody as easy and enjoyable as two kids playing catch.

The secret of outcome independence that can happen every single moment of consciousness.

Subliminal Sessions

Musical Language

Ditch the idea of words being important.

Learn to feel your words are floating up on top of a stream interpersonal emotional resonance.

Retrain your mind that social conversations can be beautifully orchestrated symphonies between you and anybody you choose.

Interpersonal Flow State

Train yourself to trust the enjoyable, blissful back and forth conversational flow states you feel with close friends.

To resonate with anybody on all levels without worrying about anything.

To release fear and anxiety and maximize conversational pleasure.

Social Grace

See social situations not as filled with anxiety and frustration but as wonderful potentials for love and self expression.

Become an enjoyer of humanity and float through life with emotional bliss.

Walk, speak, and emotionally resonate the deep feelings of openness and shine like a beautiful beacon of human pleasure.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together.

Profound brain transformation.

Maximized flow states.

Get this now and resonate with everybody.

Get this now and enjoy every single conversation.

Get this now and become insanely attractive to anybody.

Get this now and forever release social anxiety and tension.

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Outcome Independence

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