Stage Wizard

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Stage Wizard

Radiate The Power, Authority And Social Proof Of A World Famous Speaker Wherever You Go

Three Powerful Sections

Conscious Sessions

Each chapter will give you the structure, theory and more importantly, the exercises to become a stage wizard.

Inner game ideas, outer game ideas.

How and why to understand things like social proof and authority, and why preparing for the stage, even if you never want to get up there, is the easiest way to skyrocket your interpersonal effectiveness.

The written material will give you the conscious ideas required to start building your powerful stage presence.

Metaphorical Story Sessions

These are simple stories.

Short, once upon a time stories.

But they are told in a very powerful, lightly hypnotic format, to bypass your conscious resistance, and put in the powerful ideas deeply into your mind.

Powerful ideas to transform your deep personality into a mesmerizing stage wizard, radiating massive confidence.

Because these stories are only lightly hypnotic, you can, and should, read them with a sense of relaxed detachment.

They are not meant to be read with your full attention.

The more you read, the more their deeper messages will be part of who you are.

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Each section has three hours of powerful subliminal programming.

Two theta for deep unconscious programming.

One gamma session for higher mind, wide awake, journaling or mental rehearsal.

Three Levels For Powerful Transformation

Conscious Coaching for your fully conscious mind.

Storytelling to easily slide in powerful ideas.

Deep subconscious programming for your vast and powerful unconscious mind.

Subliminal Descriptions

Stage Riches

Make Millions From Speaking

Nomadic Income Stream

Drive Huge Sales

Paid Thousands Per Speech

Most In Demand Career

No Degree Required

Work Whenever You Want

Mind Mover

Easy Thought Implantation

Drive Their Thinking

Create Their Beliefs

Leverage Authority

Maximize Social Proof

Craft Their Memories

Author Their Thinking

Compelling Message

Implant Deep Desires

Cult Like Motivation

Uncover Their Purpose

Untold Inspiration

Create Massive Following

Obliterate All Competition

Move Their Souls

Stage Frame

Unbelievable Confidence

Unstoppable Authority

Undeniable Conviction

Flood Of Positive Emotions

Hive Mind Control

Ancient Power Levels

Magnetic Focus

Linguistic Dominance

Language Mastery

Hypnotic Words

Mesmerizing Metaphors

Captivating Tonality

Calculated Articulation

Gesturing Mastery

Beautiful Non Verbal Skills

Storytelling Power

Nested Brilliance

Ancient Techniques

Captivating Presence

They'll Hang On Very Word

Unconscious Messaging

Deeply Move Minds

Self Generated Motivation

Confident Leader

Lead Large Rooms

Dominate Large Crowds

Captivate Huge Audiences

Interpersonal Brilliance

They'll Defer To You

Eradicate Self Doubt

Unstoppable Certainty

Master Mix

This course comes with a powerful master mix.

All voices combined in one powerful session to program your deep mind to feel at home and dominate on any stage, no matter what size the audience.

This master mix also comes with a powerful guided visualization, a first person metaphorical story of you, the child who becomes the savior of society.

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Stage Wizard

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