Seductive Frame

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Seven Sections

This course comes in seven sections.

Each section contains the basic ideas and scientific basis for that particular component.

Each section has a three, one hour, subliminal programming sessions to fill your mind with seductive beliefs to maximize your attraction generation.

When you combine the ideas in the reading session, and the hundreds of powerful statements in the subliminal sessions, you will become more seductive every time you listen.

Male Energy

The foundational elements of all societies since the dawn of time.

Why, and how, the more you build your masculine energy, the more irresistibly attractive you'll become.

Why modern political ideas and attempts at social programming absolutely cannot compete with your ancient male instincts.

Precisely why her deep instincts will absolutely not be able to resist you with your strong, masculine core.

Interpersonal Management

The simple shift that lets you dominate every conversation you have, regardless of who you are talking to.

Why men act silly whenever any attractive woman is around, and how to out frame every single one of them, every single time.

The one mindset that will continually allow to use any conversation to signal your hierarchical dominance.

The one thought to hold in mind that will make you absolutely untouchable in any conversation.

Frame Tests

Why a woman testing you is a very, very positive sign.

Why most men fail, and why that immediately disqualifies them from serious consideration in her mind.

The visualization to hold in mind during any frame test for any reason.

Why passing her frame tests helps you to become more attractive not only to her, but to every other woman within earshot.

Self Determination

How to develop this rare, but insanely attractive trait.

A simple evolutionary explanation that will make every woman secretly crave you.

The three most common destroyers of self determination and how to out frame them every single time.

How to rid yourself of the brainless thinking that plagues modern society and how setting yourself apart will make women beg to follow you.

Never Chase

Why chasing the wrong woman can easily be the absolute worst thing any modern man can do.

Why waiting, and letting her chase you is the easiest way to get them to qualify themselves to you.

Simple exercises you can start today to build in a real, memory based feeling abundance to keep your ancient sexual instinct from going crazy.

How to train your deep mind to hold fast in a world with over-sexualized everything and rapidly diminishing attention spans.

Sales Funnel Theory

Why most applications of sales metaphors to the dating game are horribly off the mark.

How to apply the inverse sales funnel to ensure the woman you do choose will do all the work to keep you.

The real reason why seductive success breeds more seductive success.

How to get started on the path to ultimate male sexual achievement, where many women would rather share you than have a lesser man to themselves.

Continuous Improvement

Learn precisely why, no matter who you are, what you've done, and how much sexual success you've already accomplished, you can always do more.

Why the longer you live, the more attractive you can become.

How to become the older, wealthier, powerful man that every woman secretly craves.

Why a fulfilling sexual relationship with a gorgeous woman is a byproduct of a successful life, and how to get there.

Subliminal Descriptions

Male Energy

Maximum Masculinity

Irresistible Attraction

Subconscious Magnetism

Dominant Leadership

Relentless Decisions

Leadership Personality

Self Driven Life

Interpersonal Management

Deep Conversational Skills

Long Game Thinking

Leave Behind Short Term

Understand Human Nature

Deep Self Confidence

Maintain Interpersonal Balance

Read Between The Lines

Frame Tests

Win All Frame Battles

Never Get Knocked Off Balance

Increase Attraction

Project Massive Confidence

Attract Intense Desire

Never Ending Love

Dominate Social Situations

Self Determination

Lead Your Life

Own Your Purpose

Generate Loyal Followers

Strong Decision Making

Self Driven Authority

Extreme Leadership

Unwavering Presence

Never Chase

Follow Your Dreams

Pursue Your Bliss

Live Your Purpose

Cultivate Your Ambition

Never Chase Women Again

Women Chase You

Women Crave You

Sales Funnel Theory

Maximum Qualification

Eject All Time Wasters

Women Qualify To You

Reject Low Quality

Attract High Quality

Growing Army of Lovers

Easy Quality Generator

Continuous Improvement

Always Get Better

Always More Confident

Always More Attractive

Increasing Frame Strength

Increasing Conversational Skills

Never Ending Ambition

Always Brighter Future

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Seductive Frame

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