Subconscious Influence

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Subconscious Influence

Secretly Lead Their Thinking And Direct Their Behaviors

What's Included

Guided Hypnosis

Three pre-subliminal, guided hypnosis sessions.

Relax and let the soothing voice guide you into a deeper state of awareness.

Follow along and discover your ancient powers of Conversational Domination.

Subliminal Programming

Three powerfully calibrated sessions to calibrate your powers of Conversational Domination.

Each theme comes with three versions.

One for your higher mind.

One for you mind just below the surface of subconscious awareness.

And one for your deep mind.

Targeting your mind on three levels to maximize your impending transformation.

Session Descriptions

Emotional Supremacy

  • Lead Their Emotions
  • Resonate Their Minds
  • Master Your Emotions
  • Deep Subconscious Attraction
  • Never Be Forgotten
  • Be In Their Dreams
  • Unmatched Charisma

Linguistic Authority

  • Commanding Voice
  • Glorious Gestures
  • Mind Boggling Tonality
  • Beautiful Pauses
  • Natural Authority
  • Automatic Social Proof
  • Command Huge Crowds

Obedience Generator

  • Easy Persuasion
  • Natural Seduction
  • Beneficial Mind Control
  • All Ideas Accepted
  • They'll Love You
  • Rapid Social Expansion
  • Smiling Faces Everywhere

Master Mix

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • 4VG Master Mix
  • 4VT Master Mix
  • 256VT Master Mix
  • A Brain Bath of Power
  • Persuasive Elegance
  • Accelerated Programming

Get this now and move minds like a boss.

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Subconscious Influence

0 ratings
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