Deep Mind Persuasion

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Deep Mind Persuasion

Elicit Their Deep Thinking Structures So Everything You Suggest Will Be Familiar and Desirable

Conscious Training

  • Human Communication Potential
  • Step By Step System
  • An Explosion In Charisma
  • Understand Human Nature
  • Fluidity of Human Thought
  • How to Shape Their Thoughts
  • What Is Needed Before Every Decision
  • Understanding Human Perception
  • The ROI Paradigm
  • The Subjective ROI Guarantee
  • Never Ending Human Desires
  • Expanding Human Desires
  • Leveraging Human Desires
  • Creating Future Excellence
  • Helping Them Fantasize
  • Leveraging Their Future Fantasies
  • Custom Built Fantasies
  • Lead Them To Any Conclusion
  • Lead Them To Any Desire
  • Understanding Universal Desires
  • Leveraging Universal Desires
  • Conscious Universal Desires
  • Unconscious Universal Desires
  • The One Thing Everybody Wants
  • How To Imply This Deep Subconscious Need
  • The Most Powerful Language Pattern
  • How To Think For Them
  • Why They'll Love You For It
  • Why It Requires Minimum Brain Power
  • How They'll Give You The Keys To Their Thoughts
  • Understanding Thought Structures
  • The Pre-Conscious Processor Metaphor
  • Understanding Their Subconscious Filters
  • The Most Powerful Thought Structure
  • Why It's Steeped In Self Deception
  • Understanding The Equilibrium Point
  • The Nature of Stuck States
  • Getting Friends Unstuck
  • Increasing Their Equilibrium Levels
  • Help Them Increase Pleasure
  • Help Them Decrease Pain
  • How To Frame Suggestions
  • How To Frame Ideas
  • Understanding Social Proof
  • Understand Their Social Proof Triggers
  • Why Social Proof Has Built In Self Deception
  • Finding Their Social Proof Equilibrium
  • Enhancing Their Social Proof Equilibrium
  • Leveraging Their Social Proof Equilibrium
  • How To Make Any Suggestion Sound Perfect
  • How To Calibrate Their Social Proof To Your Suggestion
  • Playful Social Proof Questions
  • Leveraging Social Proof For Deep Rapport
  • Understanding Familiarity
  • Finding Their Familiarity Equilibrium
  • Playful Familiarity Questions
  • Convincing Introverts To Love Crowds
  • Convincing Extroverts To Love Solitude
  • Build In Their Familiarity To Any Suggestion
  • How To Subconsciously Calibrate Their Familiarity
  • Understanding Their Internal Decision Process
  • Understanding Their Time Preference
  • How To Calibrate Time Dependency In Different Contexts
  • How To Observational Elicit Their Time Preference
  • The Dreamers And The Doers
  • Understanding How They View The Future
  • Understanding Their Deep Reasons
  • How To Match Your Language To Thought Process
  • Using Logical Chains Of Necessity
  • Using Slippery Slope Chains Of Possibility
  • How To Use Modal Operators
  • How To Use The Right Mix of Modal Operators
  • Why People Buy Lottery Tickets
  • Why People Don't Buy Lottery Tickets
  • Understanding How They View Themselves
  • Understanding Their Self Defined Social Hierarchy
  • Leveraging Their Independent Mindset
  • Leveraging Their Teamwork Mindset
  • Creating Teamwork Hallucinations
  • Using Teamwork Language Patterns
  • Using Independent Language Patterns
  • The Chess Vs. Yourself Pattern
  • The Practice Argument Pattern
  • The Future Planning Paradigm
  • Understand How They See Themselves
  • Understand When They See Themselves
  • Understanding Their Future Planning Strategy
  • Simple Questions For Deep Rapport
  • Simple Questions For Unforgettable Conversations
  • Associated Dissociated
  • Much More Than Persuasion
  • Using Conversations To Create Magic
  • Using Conversations To Create Lifelong Memories
  • Helping Them Create Fantastic Futures
  • Subconsciously Leveraging Those Futures
  • Understand Any Thought
  • Helping To Define Any Problem
  • Easing Them Into Any Discussion
  • Find Out Exactly What's On Their Mind
  • Find Out Exactly What They Want
  • Find Out Exactly What's Wrong
  • Works On The Shiest Introverts
  • No Speaking On Their Part Required
  • The Language Patterns That Will Make You Rich
  • The Language Patterns That Make Sales Easy
  • The Language Patterns That Make Seduction Easy
  • The Language Patterns That Make All Communication Easy
  • Use Them On Anybody
  • Use Them For Any Purpose
  • Become The Most In Demand Person Around
  • Much, Much More

Subconscious Programming

Session Descriptions

Brilliant Thinker

Explode your brain with creative thoughts. Feel a stunning consistent increase in thinking power. Exponential increase the brilliance of your ideas and inspirations. Turn your brain into a powerhouse of lucid brilliance.

Creative Conversationalist

Lead conversations with intellectual brilliance. See several moves ahead in every engagement. Always feel unlimited options. See the permutations of every conversation expanding in real time.

Desire Expander

Get people super excited about their dreams and fantasies. Make them fascinated about their ideas. Get them more motivated than they've ever been. Increase their fantasies larger than life.

Halo Effect Generator

Get them associating their deepest dreams with you. Create a custom halo effect through which they will see your suggestions. Get them to naturally fall in love with you in minutes. Make everything you recommend seem like a dream come true.

Interpersonal Frame Domination

Radiate the most compelling frame they've ever experienced. Dominate frames wordlessly and non verbally. Easily overcome all tests with ease and confidence. Radiate the true frame of leadership.


Easily compel anybody to action. Make them eager to follow their dreams. Become the one they remember. Become subconsciously associated with their greatest aspirations.

Subconscious Persuasion

Lead their thinking without their knowledge. Use powerful hypnotic technology and lead them non verbally. Get them coming up with their own reasons for obeying your frame. Get them dreaming exactly like you'd like them to.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed. Fill your brain with positive beliefs about your persuasive brilliance. Eject all fears, anxieties and inhibitions. Accelerate your super powers of persuasion.

Accelerate And Amplify Charisma

The conversation techniques in this guide will get you powerful charisma with anybody in minutes. Break the ice, ask a few enjoyable and easy questions and they'll never, ever forget you.

Get this course now and explode your popularity.

Easily Persuade Anybody To Do Anything

Naturally and effortlessly elicit their structural filters. Take whatever you want them to do and express in their terms and they'll be begging to obey you.

Get this course now and become a non-stop powerful persuader.

Easy And Effortless Seduction

Whether you're a girl or a guy, this technique will make it insanely easy to create deep rapport and powerful romantic connections within minutes.

Get this course now and turn your love life into a steamy romantic fantasy.

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Deep Mind Persuasion

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