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Lazy Way Persuasion

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Lazy Way Persuasion

Easily Open Their Desire And Get Them To Agree To Anything

Full Manual - Mind Shifts and Conversation Skills To Generate Easy Agreement

  • Why Everything You Know About Sales Is Wrong
  • Why Making Money Should Be Easy
  • Why Making Money Should Be Boring
  • Why Non-Sales People Can Benefit
  • How Exactly Everybody Can Benefit
  • Why Hard Selling Sucks
  • Why Hard Selling Is Inefficient
  • Why Hard Selling Is Confrontational
  • Why Dialing For Dollars Sucks
  • Why Dialing For Dollars Is Confrontational
  • Why Dialing For Dollars Is Low Probability
  • The Secrets Of The Lazy Way
  • Why The Lazy Way Is The Opposite Way
  • Why The Lazy Way Is The Easy Way
  • Why The Lazy Way Is The Friendly Way
  • Powerful Mind Shifts
  • Incorrect Frames Of Mind You Have
  • Correct Frames Of Mind You Need
  • Why Everybody Has Mixed Mind Frames
  • Why Everybody Has Inefficient Mind Frames
  • Why We Love Giving Advice
  • Why We Hate Hearing Advice
  • Why Unasked For Advice Is Confrontational
  • Why Money Is Awesome
  • Why Money Is Holy (Yes, Holy!)
  • How Money Maximizes Human Potential
  • What The Ego Really Is
  • Why The Ego Hates Money
  • How To Turn Off The Ego
  • The Secrets of Human Action
  • Necessary Ingredients Of Every Action
  • What Must Be In Place Before We Act
  • The Four Quadrants - What They Are
  • The Four Quadrants - How To Leverage
  • Why Hard Selling Is Futile
  • Why Rapport Is Essential
  • Why Rapport Is Easy
  • Why Rapport Is Genetic
  • The Powerful Meta Model
  • Why The Meta Model Is Always Misused
  • The True Power of Proper Meta Model Usage
  • Linguistic Presuppositions
  • Why They're Almost Always Negative
  • How To Presuppose The Best Thing Ever
  • How To Uncover Hidden Doubt
  • How To Externalize Inner Voices
  • The Secrets Of Closing
  • Why You'll Never Need To Close
  • Why Closing is Unnecessary
  • How To Leverage Indirectly
  • How To Use Lazy Way Socially
  • How To Use Lazy Way In Relationships
  • How To Use Lazy Way With Lazy Kids
  • How To Use Lazy Way With Lazy Husbands
  • How to Use Lazy Way With Lazy Wives
  • How To Make Easy Deals With Everybody
  • Non-Financial Deal Making Secrets
  • How To Sell Negative Ideas
  • Lazy Way To Sell Insurance
  • Easy Exercises To Build In Mindsets
  • Step By Step Questions
  • How To Minimize All Negatives
  • How To Maximize All Positives
  • Get Eager Agreement With Anybody
  • Easy Six Figures In Any Sales Job
  • Skyrocket Social Success
  • Explode Personal Charisma
  • Irresistibly Attractive Conversational Skills
  • Make Everybody Happy To Talk To You
  • Make Everybody Want To Talk To You
  • Set Off Mind Bombs of Pleasure
  • Blow Their Brains Up With Excitement

Over Twenty Hours of Hypnosis - Three Mind Levels of Programming

Treasure Magnet

  • Attract Wealthy Clients
  • Become Extremely Outgoing
  • Find Lucrative Situations
  • Be Drawn To Interesting People
  • Find Customers Everywhere
  • Find Eager People Everywhere
  • Become A Center of Social Attention
  • Become A Center of Financial Attention
  • Never Ending List Of Possibilities

Desire Multiplier

  • Skyrocket Their Desire
  • Amplify Their Interests
  • Turn Normal Conversations In Pure Excitement
  • Take Any Vague Wish and Explode Its Intensity
  • Dig For Treasure In Any Conversation
  • Attach Any Desire They Have To You
  • Attach Any Desire They Have To Your Products
  • Turn Timid Customers Into Rabid Fans
  • Be Remembered Forever

Rapport Generator

  • Generate Deep Trust
  • Easily Build Lifelong Bonds
  • Eradicate All Interpersonal Fear
  • Get Them To Open Up Completely
  • Eliminate All Doubt
  • Make Friends Easily
  • Instantly Feel Deep Connections
  • Accelerate Closeness
  • Make Anybody Feel Comfortable With You

Endless Curiosity

  • Find Treasure Everywhere
  • Dig For Excitement In All Conversations
  • Find Hidden Secrets In Every Conversation
  • Ask Simple Questions That Explode Their Pleasure
  • Find Excitement In Whomever You're With
  • Turn Boring Conversations Into Life Changing Events
  • Get Excited When Meeting New People
  • Fire Up People's Interest In You
  • Ask The Simple Questions That Open Them Up

Conversation Wizard

  • Easy Conversational Flow
  • Natural Laughter
  • Easy Elegance and Precision
  • Extend Conversations For Hours
  • Never Experience Uncomfortable Silences
  • How To Get Them To Do Most Of The Talking
  • How To Get Them To Remember You Forever
  • Be Seen As Wonderfully Different
  • Open Up Anybody In Seconds
  • Make Others Feel Connected In Seconds

Deal Maker

  • Get Ready Agreement
  • Create Natural Trades
  • Make People Want To Buy From You
  • Make People Desperate To Be Around You
  • Always Find A Way To Trade
  • Gain Compliance From Difficult People
  • Make Eager Buyers From Terrified Customers
  • Always Make It Their Idea
  • Obliterate All Resistance

Money Confidence

  • Believe In Your Financial Intelligence
  • Explode Your Money Confidence
  • See Money As Natural and Necessary
  • See Money As Easy To Make
  • Eliminate All Negative Money Fears
  • Feel Congruent Passion For Money
  • Unlock Your Natural Wealth Builder
  • Get People Eager To Giving You Money
  • Become An Unstoppable Money Magnet

Lazy Way Persuasion

  • Full Course Manual
  • Over Twenty Hours Subliminal Programming
  • Sixty Day Guarantee
  • Transform Your Relationships
  • Transform Your Career
  • Transform Your Finances
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Lazy Way Persuasion

3 ratings
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