Custom History

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Custom History

Create Any Skill Or Personality Trait At Will

What's Included

This course contains three powerful written sessions.

Session One

You'll learn about your memory, how it's not nearly as true as you may believe, and how you can change it at will.

How your view of the world is much less constrained that most people will ever know.

Why our "better safe than sorry" memory system is outdated and how to slowly overwrite this ancient artifact.

Session Two

A few very powerful exercises to go through past events and redefine how you reference them.

How to change the meanings you've given to those events or to even change the events themselves.

How to build this skill up to erase even the worst childhood trauma, so you no longer feel constrained by a crappy childhood.

Session Three

How to build in specific skills by going back in time and implanting them into your memory.

How to create powerful anchors so you can fire off any one of them before entering into any social situation.

How to re-program events on a daily basis, so you can find proof of your constantly evolving and improving personality in real time.

Subliminal Sessions

Each written session has three subliminal sessions.

One for your higher mind, one for the boundary between conscious and unconscious, and one for your deeper mind.

Subliminal Descriptions

Session One - Free Mind Generator

Develop a true feeling of control over your reality.

Release any feeling of constraints over your past, your future, and your daily life.

Shift your thinking so you feel at cause, with your world being the effect of your thoughts.

Session Two - Memory Master

Gain the self belief to dig into your mind and change anything you like about your past.

Build in the skills to eradicate any pain in the past so the future is nothing but smooth sailing.

Never again wish you had a different upbringing as you'll learn how to create any custom happy childhood you like.

Session Three - Fantastic Future

See the future as being just as much under your control as what you plan on eating for dinner tonight.

Never again feel at the mercy of fate or the gods and see the future as being the direct result of your thinking.

Feel a deep and compelling magnetic attraction to your best future possible that you create, and re-create on a daily basis.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together for a powerful history changing brain blast.

Get this now and never feel constrained by life again.

Get this now and rewrite your past to reflect into any future you like.

Get this now and build in any social skill you like.

Get this now and learn the true secrets of inner mind control and build your own custom reality.

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Custom History

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