Dream Programming

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Dream Programming

Leverage Your Idea Incubator For Massive Creativity

What's Included

Three coaching sessions to understand all you need to know about dreams, and the exercises to maximize your dreaming mind.

Three subliminal sessions, three versions each, to program your mind to maximize the connection between your dreaming mind, your day dreaming mind and your rational thinking mind.

Written Sessions

Session One is all about what dreams really are.

How past inventors like Edison and artists like TS Elliot have deliberately used them to dream themselves rich and famous.

The three metaphorical parts of you and how to maximize the input your dreaming mind can bring to the conversation.

Session Two is all about how specifically, to use your dreaming mind to help solve problems, and enhance creativity.

To maximize your idea incubator to enhance any career, or relationship, or creative endeavor.

Twelve specific step-by-step exercises you can use at any time, for any reason to get the most out of your dreaming mind.

Session Three is all about how to have fun with your dreams.

Techniques to build up your ability to lucid dream.

To take your self awareness with you to sleep and find yourself altered within your own dreams, and see things few others will ever know exist.

Subliminal Sessions

One - Dream Reality

Program your deep mind to see dreams as being critical to survival.

To develop a deep appreciation for your dreams to help you remember them much more accurately.

To bring your dreaming mind to fully participate in every important decision you make.

Two - Creative Dreamer

Build in the deep belief that your dreams, their symbols and archetypes are powerful allies in your creative endeavors.

To trust yourself to fall asleep with an unanswered question or curiosity, and wake up with an answer far more creative than you might imagine.

To create a deep and real relationship with your dreaming mind as the necessary research and development department of your life.

Three - Lucid Dreamer

Train yourself to interact with your dreams from the standpoint of conscious awareness

To develop deep conversations and relationships with your most common and personal dream archetypes.

Be able to see every night's sleep as a potential for thrilling adventures far more compelling than even the best Hollywood movies of all time.

Master Mix

Blast your brain with creative lucid dreaming power and create your own private parallel universe to play in.

Get this now and leverage your most creative self.

Get this now and fire up your idea incubator.

Get this now and dream yourself a fortune.

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Dream Programming

0 ratings
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