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End Self Sabotage

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End Self Sabotage

Unleash Your Inner Goal Hunter and Easily Succeed In All Areas Of Life

This course will unleash the ancient instinct within you to relentlessly move forward toward greater and greater success. Start small and easily build even the tiniest step forward into a raging snowball of success. Exhaustive course manual and over twenty hours of powerful subliminal programming.

Session Manual

  • Truth About Self Sabotage
  • Why You Aren't Broken
  • Why Everybody Shares This "Problem"
  • Why Self Sabotage Is A Structural Problem
  • Why You Are A Natural Goal Setter
  • Why You Are A Natural Goal Achiever
  • Why You Can't Not Achieve Goals
  • Scientific Reasons for "Failure"
  • Scientific Explanations For "Success"
  • Easy Solutions
  • Why Lack of Information Causes Problems
  • Understanding Human Behavior
  • Why Your Solution Is Unique
  • Why Specific Goals Will Fail
  • The Wrongness of "Well Formed Goals"
  • Common Motivational Factors
  • Understanding Common Self Deception
  • Unlocking True Motivation
  • Understanding All Quadrants
  • The Folly OF Future Prediction
  • The Instinct Mis-Match Issue
  • Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn't Work
  • Why Nearly All People Fail On Their Diets
  • How To Guarantee Your Success
  • Why You Are Shooting Too Low
  • The Directional Goal Theory
  • The Milestone Goal Theory
  • Your Inner Goal Hunter
  • Wake Up Your Ancient Hero
  • How To Unlock Your True Potential
  • How To Find Life's Meaning
  • How To Feel On Purpose Every Day
  • How To Embrace All Feedback
  • How To Embark On Your Hero's Journey
  • How To Unleash Relentless Motivation
  • Why Your Motivation Should Pull You Forward
  • Why Going Too Fast Is Deadly
  • How To Build A Strong Foundation
  • The Seven Areas Of Life
  • Build Financial Wealth
  • Create Multiple Income Streams
  • Build Ideal Relationships
  • Create Unending Social Skills
  • Secrets of Spirituality
  • The Absolute Necessity of Leisure
  • The Secrets of Journaling
  • How To Unleash Unstoppable Creativity
  • Unleash Your Inner Genius
  • How To Embrace Obstacles
  • Turn Your Life Into A Mission
  • Uncover Your True Purpose
  • The Secret of Keeping Secret

Subliminal Programming Sessions

Bright Future

Create a positive expectation of a big, bright future waiting for you and compelling you to move forward. Generate unstoppable forward motivation. Build up an unshakable belief that your future is a grand vision filled with magnificence.

  • See Life As A Grand Adventure
  • Life Gets Better As You Move Forward
  • Feel Excited Every Day
  • Be Compelled By Future Pleasure
  • External Motivation Pulling You Forward
  • Feel Continuous Improvement
  • Create Greatness
  • Feel Capable of Anything
  • Never Ending Inspiration

Creative Achievement

Unleash your naturally creative thinker. Generate unique solutions to inevitable problems. Embrace new experiences and ideas.

  • Increase Creativity
  • Think Outside The Box
  • Induce Lateral Thinking
  • Easily Solve Unexpected Issues
  • Find Many Paths To Success
  • Eliminate Stuck States
  • Turn On Your Natural Success Genius
  • Develop Childlike Curiosity
  • Lifelong Learning

Deep Flexibility

Think your way around anything. Creative solutions to any problem. Unlimited options. Set an objective and discover many different paths. See old things in new ways. Never feel stuck again.

  • Versatile Thinking
  • Develop Deep Resilience
  • Always Have A Backup Plan
  • Crush All Obstacles
  • Circumnavigate All Problems
  • Always Come Up With Another Way
  • Never Ending Brainstorming
  • Always Think Several Moves Ahead
  • Unending Mental Stamina

Goal Hunter

Awaken your great hunter within. Increase the feeling of purpose and pursuit. See your life as a true hero's journey. Feel the ancient drive pulling you toward greatness.

  • Maximize Your Ancient Instincts
  • Create Real Purpose
  • Feel At Cause
  • Live the Hero's Journey
  • Develop Unstoppable Courage
  • Plans Bigger Than Life
  • Feel The Pleasure of Pursuit
  • Be An Example To Your Peers
  • True Leadership Qualities

Life Long Pursuit

Solidify the idea that life is a journey, rather than a destination. Build in the belief that "The Road is Better than the Inn." Feel most alive when on the path toward bigger and better things, and that no matter how much you can accomplish, you will always be able to accomplish more.

  • Create Your Own Purpose
  • Enjoy Every Day
  • Your Life As A Mission
  • Massive Boldness
  • Infinite Resolve
  • Deep Confidence
  • Act With True Intention
  • Unlimited Ambition
  • Endless Skill Generation

Relentless Motivation

Use this when starting out on any directional goal or milestone objective. Use this while you are building that important foundation beneath your lifelong habit in any direction.

  • Create A Strong Foundation
  • Massive Daily Energy
  • Be Drawn Forward
  • Feel True Inspiration
  • Deep Inner Conviction
  • Awaken Ancient Forces of Success
  • Bounce Back From Every Setback
  • Develop Fearless Resolve
  • No Goal Too Large

Obstacle Obliteration

For every two steps forward, you should expect and embrace the inevitable one step back. Within every failure are the seeds for further success. Within each setback are the lessons that will propel you to even greater heights. This session will obliterate all fear of obstacles, and allow you see them as the true teachers they are.

  • Embrace All Feedback
  • Learn From All Mistakes
  • Double Your Success Rate
  • Embrace Healthy Risks
  • Lifelong Learning Capacity
  • Fear No Obstacle
  • Destroy All Anxiety
  • Leave Worry Behind
  • See Solutions In Every Problem
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End Self Sabotage

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