Conversational Intelligence

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Conversational Intelligence

Demonstrate Unstoppable Authority And Magnetic Desire In Every Conversation

What's Included

This course comes with three written chapters.

Chapter One describes what's really going on, on a deep and ancient instinctive level, in all these seemingly random social conversations.

How to retrain your brain to see what others don't.

Why some people act like conversational bullies and what to do about it.

Chapter Two explains, in deep detail, how to handle those conversational bullies.

How to zero out your emotions and ask simple questions.

Simple questions that will demonstrate your authority to everybody, and send the bullies running for cover.

Chapter Three explains how to take the shiest person, even a stranger to everybody, and get them gushing with ideas.

Even if it's talking about something that happened to them recently, they will feel that you see them.

That you get them.

That you understand them.

Somebody that will make them remember you forever.

Each chapter comes with three, one-hour subliminal sessions.

Subliminal programing sessions that program your mind with the deep beliefs that support these emotional and linguistic structures.

One hour for your higher mind, one hour for the boundary between conscious and unconscious, and one hour for your deeper mind.

With the ideas up on top, and the belief programming deep down beneath, you will become a conversational superhero in no time.

Subliminal Descriptions

Session One - Conversation Hero

Build the belief that every single conversation is the chance for you to shine.

That enjoying the playground of ideas can be as exciting and rewarding as you choose it to be.

That you are a true in-demand conversationalist who everybody loves, appreciates and enjoys.

Session Two - Bad Idea Destroyer

Never worry about negativity again.

Program your mind to absolutely obliterate any bad idea that crosses your path.

To shut down conversational bullies before they do any lasting harm to your conversational playground.

Session Three - Love Expander

Create the personality to find the best ideas inside everybody and bring them out.

Expand their fantasies, their dreams, their best ideas and let them feel what it's like to be the star of the conversation.

Become a conversational hero maker who is capable of turning even the shiest wallflowers into gushing rivers of happiness.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together into one powerful brain blast of conversational love.

Get this now and start building the social network of a lifetime.

Get this now and make fast friends wherever you go.

Get this now and get invited to more parties, more social events, and become a true social player.

Get this now and master the most powerful skill you can learn, and make life magic.

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Conversational Intelligence

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