Hypnotic Seduction

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Hypnotic Seduction

Simple Stories That Will Drive Her Crazy With Romantic and Sexual Desire

Conscious Training

  • Structure of Female Attraction
  • Secrets of Blurred Realities
  • How To Get Her Feeling Sexual Desire
  • Generate Feelings of Intimacy
  • Powerful Love Stories
  • Obliterate Her Resistance
  • Generate Deep Comfort
  • Use In Any Social Situation
  • Use In Mixed Groups
  • Use To Test Who Is Most Attracted
  • Easy Testing Methods
  • All Gestures Indicated
  • All Tonal Shifts Indicated
  • Easy Practice Techniques
  • Use On The Phone
  • Use In Person
  • Get Out Of The Friend Zone
  • Use On Waitresses
  • Four Minute Structures
  • Use In Any Conversation
  • Powerful Plausible Deniability
  • Never Get Caught
  • It's Always Her Idea
  • Playful Story Patterns
  • Learn To Build Your Own
  • Start From Any Conversational Topic
  • Easily Covert Trance Inductions
  • Powerful Embedded Commands
  • Leave Her Wanting More
  • Use Your Own Stories
  • How To Hide Romantic Emotions
  • Use Any Romance Story
  • Use Any Sexual Story
  • Covertly Wrap Any Story
  • Generate Irresistible Social Charisma
  • Create Powerful Personal Magnetism
  • Be The Life of Any Party

Subconscious Programming

Session Descriptions

Seduction Sex Magic

Access spooky levels of subconscious attraction.

Understand what happens when women feel so attracted to you they'll do anything to have you.

Leverage the seemingly magical effects of programming these skills to powerful levels of unconscious competence.

Harem Generator

Discover the deep female instincts that makes them prefer sharing an alpha male to having a beta all to themselves.

Create so much unstoppable attraction in so many women they'll eagerly take their place in your lineup.

Live the dream all men and fill your harem with gorgeous ladies desperate to please you.

Intimacy Accelerator

Make her crave you faster and deeper than any other man she's ever met.

Skip the waiting nonsense and get straight to the action.

Create so much desire that she'll do all the work to get you alone.

Good Girl Seduction

Turn any girl you want into your obedient love slave.

Leave the high body count ladies behind and attract the woman of your dreams.

Bypass her social programming and speak to her deep love instincts.

Subconscious Sexual Magnetism

Generate attraction without even looking in her direction.

Internalize these ideas and strategies and radiate attraction through your non verbal energy.

Reach super levels of seduction and generate attraction within the deep subtexts of your otherwise normal conversations.

Competition Generator

Leverage the powerful law of social proof and get women competing for you.

Let all the women do the work for you as they compete for your love and attention.

Radiate powerfully seductive social proof through your behavior and reap the rewards.

Bedroom Hero

Program your deep mind to become the best love she's ever had or will have.

Leave the competition in the dust as you give her the absolute best orgasms of her life.

Develop unstoppably powerful confidence in your love-making abilities and see having sex with as the ultimate prize for any woman.

Master Mix

All statements from all sessions mixed in one powerful brain bomb of unstoppably seductive power.

Flood your brain with positive statements to become the most seductive human ever.

Hours of conscious training, over twenty hours of subconscious reprogramming.

Get This Now And Get Any Girl Hot In Minutes!

Get This Now And Be The Star Of The Party!

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Hypnotic Seduction

0 ratings
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