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Super Learning

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Super Learning

Restore Your Natural Learning Ability, Significantly Increase Your Skills, and Maximize Your Super Computer Brain

Rediscover your genius brain, and never worry about learning again. Techniques, ideas, exercises and powerful subliminal programming to turn your brain into an intellectual powerhouse. Easily learn anything, and make school, career or any hobby much easier and more enjoyable.

  • Why Continuous Learning Is Essential
  • Why Set and Forget Days are Over
  • Why Continuous Learning is Natural
  • The Learning Paradox
  • Learn How To Learn
  • Reawaken Your Natural Learner
  • Why It Was Snuffed Out
  • Remnants Of The Industrial Revolution
  • Schools As Factory Worker Factories
  • Why Most Do It Backward
  • Why Front In Learning Is Easy
  • Why Back End Learning is Frustrating
  • Why Learning Should be Fun
  • How To Maximize Your Experiences
  • Why This Will NEVER Be Taught In School
  • Why This SHOULDN'T Be Taught In School
  • Why You MUST Keep These Secret!
  • How To Connect to Lists
  • How To Make Lists
  • Your Endless Supply of Lists
  • The Best Party Trick Ever!
  • Free Association Techniques
  • Your Infinite Resource
  • Easy Foreign Language Examples
  • Never Forget Names Again
  • Simple Steps To Total Recall
  • Be The Star of Any Party
  • Re-Awaken Your Genius
  • How To Create Vivid Imagery
  • How To Create Unforgettable Imagery
  • Daily Practice For Mind Strength
  • Daily Practice For Alien Creativity
  • Daily Practice For Genius Insight
  • Secrets of Extracting Data
  • Significantly Cut Down on Study Time
  • Sort For Data Like The Terminator
  • Easily Skip Unnecessary Text
  • Ninja Practice Tips
  • The Easy Trick Genius
  • Five Minutes A Day
  • The Unending Benefits for Genius Practice
  • Motivation Secrets
  • The Truth of Modern Humans
  • Make The Subtle Shift
  • Leverage The Historical Tipping Point
  • Secrets of Modeling
  • Why Modeling is Natural Learning
  • Why Modeling is Unconscious Learning
  • How To Model From YouTube
  • How To Model From Text
  • How To Create Imaginary Mentors
  • How To Flip Ends and Means
  • How To Leverage Any Boring Subject
  • How To Make Motivation Automatic
  • Example Association List
  • Example Association Exercises
  • Instant Proof Of Your Genius
  • Why You'll Never Forget The 18th President!

Session Descriptions

Creative Genius

Turn of tunnel vision. See beyond the obvious. Learn to formulate ideas that take much more into consideration. Never feel constrained by normal thinking again.

  • See Things Others Don't
  • Maximize Lateral Thinking
  • Never Feel Stumped Again
  • Maximize Your Value
  • Create Solutions To Any Problem
  • Explode Artistic Expression
  • Increase Verbal Fluency
  • Never Ending Ideas
  • See Into The Distant Future

Infinite Memory

Easily recall data. Feel confident knowing you can input any piece of data and easily and effortlessly extract it whenever needed. Never need to write anything down again, unless you feel like it.

  • Easily Remember Facts
  • Naturally Remember Names
  • Pass All Tests
  • Immediate Recall
  • Deep Appreciation of Mental Powers
  • Insane Party Tricks
  • Easily Recall Conversations
  • Make People Feel Special
  • High Powered Social Skills

Learning Desire

Turn any boring subject into a fascinating process of discovery. Fire up your natural curiosity for needing to know the deeper meaning behind everything. Feel a natural and eager compulsion to consume all knowledge.

  • Make All Subjects Fascinating
  • Always See The Deeper Purpose
  • Insatiable Curiosity
  • Deep Desire for Understanding
  • Boring Subjects Come Alive
  • Unleash Lifelong Growth
  • Seek Deep Truths Everywhere
  • Always-On Learning Motivation
  • Keen Interest In Others

Modeling Master

Learn the ancient methods of subconsciously learning from others. Use your creative imagination to make rote tasks come alive as you create your own inner mentors. Tap the vast Internet to find experts to model in any field.

  • Learn The Natural Way
  • Model From Videos
  • Model From Text
  • Model From Within Your Imagination
  • Naturally Pick Up Positive Traits
  • Continuous Character Strengthening
  • Learn From Fictional Characters
  • Generate Imaginary Mentors
  • Continuous Skill Development

Speed Reader

Scan through pages faster than ever. Increase comprehension, decrease stress and maximize reading enjoyment. Obliterate inner barriers to speed reading and speed learning.

  • Easily Consume 1000's of Pages
  • Extract Necessary Data
  • Soak Up Several Books Per Week
  • Increase Comprehension
  • Transform Text Into Easy Understanding
  • Make All Classes Easy
  • Open Up Possibilities
  • Massive Data Transfer
  • Extreme Studying Confidence

Tech Wizard

Never be frightened by science again. Master all maths and science. Understand complex equations as if they were nursery rhymes. Fire up your technical genius and become fluent in the details.

  • Become A Tech Expert
  • Never Fear Science Again
  • Never Fear Maths Again
  • Enjoy Learning Details
  • Deep Mastery of Complex Subjects
  • Understand Complex Interactions
  • Become Fluent In Details
  • Naturally Learn Programming
  • Significantly Increase Earning Potential


Close your eyes and see it happen as if you were right there in the middle of it. Visualize complicated ideas in your own private virtual reality. Plan out several moves, and see how they all play out in your mind first.

  • Create Vivid Mental Images
  • Plan Everything in Mind First
  • Rehearse Difficult Situations
  • See All Potential Outcomes
  • Visualize Complex Ideas
  • Mentally See Intricate Interactions
  • Practice Mentally Before Trying
  • Create Realistic Mental Movies
  • Describe Complex Topics In Simple Terms

Seven Hours - Binaural Thinking Sessions

Seven one-hour sessions designed to turn your mind to its sharpest. Carefully balanced sounds to fine tune your brainwaves to the ideal frequencies. Five for studying. One for creative thinking that works perfectly with anything from writing to painting to coming up with your next business idea. One for focusing on complex tasks like solving equations, building circuit boards or any kind of work that requires an intense focus on tiny details.

  • Study Session - Thunderstorm
  • Study Session - Underwater Whales
  • Study Session - Metal Bowls
  • Study Session - Lazy Chimes
  • Study Session - Noise
  • Focus Session - Enhanced Creativity
  • Focus Session - Complicated Tasks

Unlock Genius, Explode Creativity and Learn How To Learn Anything

  • Full Course Manual
  • Steel Trap Memory Training
  • Creativity Generation
  • Exercises To Increase IQ
  • Never Forget Names Again
  • Cut Study Time in Half
  • Remember Anything You Want
  • Genius Problem Solving
  • Over Twenty Hours of Subliminal Programming
  • Seven Hours of Binaural Learning Technology
  • Unlock A Lifetime Of Skills
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Super Learning

8 ratings
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