Ego Game

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Ego Game

Master Male And Female Egos And Dominate Sexually

What's Included

Three written sessions with the ideas and strategies of the easiest persuasion and seduction system you'll ever learn.

Three subliminal themes to program in the ideal confidence to make you an absolute natural in the quickest time possible.

Written Sessions

Session One is all about the male ego.

Where it comes from, what it is and how it presents itself.

But more importantly, how to deliberately manage it for maximum success.

Session Two is all about the female ego.

How it's structured, it's ancient origins, and why understanding the female ego will help you understand what women truly want.

But more importantly, how to feed her ancient ego not superficially, like most guys do, but deeply and very, very pleasingly.

Session Three is all about the long game.

How to master the seduction long game.

How to put in the effort on the front end, so natural romance happens as a naturally occurring and consistent outcome on the back end.

Subliminal Sessions

Undercover Frame

How to turn down your ego and easily slide under all her defenses.

To be a secret agent operator within every conversation.

To forget about the short game and gain long game conversational dominance.

Stealth Attraction

Build her attraction without her knowing you are building her attraction.

Leave it up to her to choose why she's feeling so attracted to you.

Ask her the right questions in the right order to make her feel better than she ever has.

Chosen One

Leverage the long game to be the guy all girls crave.

Build in a real and experiential belief that all girls want you.

Create a social circle that supports and recommends you, getting them to do all the work to seduce you.

Master Mix

All sessions mixed together for one powerful brain blast.

Understand the ego subconsciously and master social situations.

Get This Now and eradicate social anxiety.

Get This Now and become a hero to all women.

Get This Now and be the guy all the girls want and all the guys want to be like.

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Ego Game

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