NLP Mind Magic

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NLP Mind Magic

Use These Life Changing Techniques To Systematically Rewrite Your Past, Rebuild Your Personality And Obliterate All Social Fears

  • History of NLP
  • Why Most NLP IS A Con
  • Myths About NLP That Won't Die
  • Get Anything You Want
  • Become A Goal Getting Monster
  • Easy Secrets of Goal Setting
  • Understanding The Four Quadrants
  • The One Goal Secret Nobody Knows
  • What Do The Russians Have To Do With Goals?
  • The Biggest Mastermind Group Ever
  • Step By Step Goal Techniques
  • Uncover All The Hidden Truths
  • How To Continuously Calibrate
  • The Guided Missile Concept
  • Why The Guided Missile Isn't Automatic
  • How To Make It So
  • The Secret To Never Ending Motivation
  • Two Never Talked About Desires
  • How To Keep Your Best Present
  • How To Avoid The Worst Future
  • The Inside Dope On Continuous Balance
  • Easy And Constant Calibration
  • Your Inner Guided Missile
  • How To Build Momentum
  • Why Motivation Based Plans Never Work
  • How To Never Need Motivation Again
  • The Baby Puppy Pattern
  • The Famous Swish Pattern
  • Why They Are Doing It Wrong
  • How To Do It Right
  • How To Make It Versatile
  • How To Take It Everywhere
  • Secrets Of Mental Grip
  • How To Project Natural Charisma
  • Trick Them Into Wanting You
  • Trick Them Into Smiling At You
  • How To Feel Any Emotion Any Where Any Time
  • Appreciation Exercise
  • Connect To Universal Energy
  • Discover Your Endless Power
  • Feel Direct Contact With Infinity
  • Rewriting Personal History
  • Reframe Your Entire Past
  • Build Evidence For Any Skill
  • Find Proof For Any Behavior
  • Easy Real Time Reframing
  • Re-Calibrate Your Reality
  • Belief Change - Part One
  • How To Find Your Real Beliefs
  • How To Find Hidden Limiting Beliefs
  • Belief Change - Part Two
  • How To Reverse Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Find External Proof Of Any New Belief
  • How To Build In New Beliefs
  • Integration of Parts
  • The Concept Of Parts
  • What's Never Taught About Congruence
  • How To Build Your Own Supporting Army
  • Compulsion Blow Out
  • Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Desire
  • Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Behavior
  • Circle Of Excellence
  • Learn From Ancient Heroes
  • Build A Supporting Army
  • The Don Draper Seduction Pattern
  • The Genghis Kahn Confidence Pattern
  • Lie Detector Training
  • Never Be Lied To Again
  • Learn The Secret Of World Famous Poker Players
  • Understand The Truth Of Calibration
  • Secretly Calibrate Your Friends
  • Modeling Techniques
  • Learn From YouTube
  • Learn From Books
  • Learn From Your Imagination
  • Real Time Modeling Techniques
  • Become A Successful Behavior Collector
  • Soak Up Powerful Behaviors On The Spot
  • Bad Memory Neutralizer
  • Obliterate Any Painful Memories
  • Rewrite Them To Feel Positive
  • Rebuild A Happy Childhood
  • Create Any Childhood You Want
  • Simple Anchoring Techniques
  • How To Anchor Your Own Emotions
  • How To Connect Any Feeling To Any Object
  • Insult Defense Shield
  • Never Feel On The Spot Again
  • Develop A Powerful Reputation
  • The Word Slide Technique
  • Forgiveness Pattern - Others
  • Learn How To Forgive Anybody
  • Learn The Truth Of Selfish Based Forgiveness
  • Gain Immense Emotional Relief
  • Forgiveness Pattern - Self
  • Eradicate All Forms Of Guilt
  • Never Be Embarrassed Again
  • Skyrocket Thinking Power
  • Turbo Charge Your Articulation
  • Maximize Visualization Skills
  • Brain Strengthening Exercises
  • Creativity Building Exercises
  • Be Known As The Local Genius
  • Memory Improvement
  • Never Need To Write Down Anything
  • Easily Remember Names Forever
  • Borrowed Experience
  • Gain Experience From Imaginary People
  • Get Objective Insight Into Your Own Brain
  • Higher Self Exercise
  • Gain Wisdom From Yourself That Is Beyond Time
  • Receive Your Own Enlightened Advice
  • Timeline Techniques
  • Build Up Specific Skills
  • Build Up General Skills
  • Build Your Own Pendant
  • Program Your Pendant With Any Emotional Power
  • How To Achieve Lifelong Improvement
  • How To Create A Stellar Life

Session Descriptions

Vital Human

Develop an unshakeable belief that you are essential to the safety and health of everybody on Earth. That your contributions to society not only matter, but will forever and positively enhance all you interact with.

  • Gargantuan Self Confidence
  • Titanic Conviction
  • Fearless Social Skills
  • Relentless Curiosity
  • Genuine Desire To Help
  • Become A Natural Role Model
  • Inspire Millions
  • Tremendous Encouragement
  • Vast Creativity
  • Obliterate All Doubt
  • Squash All Hesitation


This will install the powerful motivation that will never rest. The internal drive to keep succeeding, keep learning, keep achieving, and keep building. The internal unlimited forward momentum to power the building of your empire.

  • Be Bursting With Enthusiasm
  • Find New Excitement Every Day
  • Unbridled Improvement
  • Never Ending Refinement
  • Continuous Calibration Of Success
  • Every Day A New Discovery
  • Life Becomes A Journey
  • Epic Mind Exploration
  • Unlimited Resourcefulness
  • Infinite Backup Plans
  • Internally Driven

Reality Manipulator

Understand that you are a cause, and the world around you is an effect. Realize your natural potential to shape the world to your intentions and specifications.

  • You Are Cause
  • World Is Effect
  • Control Conversations
  • Manage Emotions
  • Easily Achieve Outcomes
  • Inspire Crowds
  • Develop True Leadership
  • Unbeatable Re-Framing Skills
  • Unstoppable Frame Control
  • Mesmerizing Social Charisma
  • See Things Others Don't

Perfect Health

Live naturally and ideally. Naturally sleep, eat, and exercise in harmony with what your body needs. Use your body as a source of power and vitality.

  • Perfect Sleep
  • Ideal Diet
  • Intuitive Lifestyle
  • Deep Inter-Communication
  • Leverage Your Dreams
  • Enjoy Exercise
  • Maximize Physical Efficiency
  • Decrease Pain and Discomfort
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Maximize Stamina
  • Relentless Physical Resilience

Natural Learner

Soak up new ideas, behaviors and information like a sponge. Become exceedingly hungry for new ways of looking at things, new ways to interpret things and the never ending raw material of information to spur your ceaseless growth.

  • Expand Your Deep Mind
  • Increase Skills
  • Maximize Mental Data Recovery
  • Consistently Increasing Genius
  • Always Be Hungry For Information
  • Immersion In New Ideas
  • Inner Mind Exploration
  • Re-Connect With Your Vast Experience
  • Infinitely Expanded Resourcefulness
  • Learn From Any Source
  • Uninterrupted Mental Growth

Genius Visualization

Close your eyes and see a rich representation of your ideal future. See everything, smell everything, feel and touch everything. Use your vast mental powers to create a canvas upon which to plan your empire.

  • Mentally Plan In Rich Detail
  • Visualize Multiple Outcomes
  • Be Ready For Any Response
  • Create Your Own Mental Simulation Machine
  • Try On New Ideas
  • Describe Abstract Ideas In Perfect Detail
  • Gain Incredible Understanding
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Plan Multiple Futures
  • See Years Again
  • Easily Experience Multiple Perspectives


Accept your primary role. To create, to build to make, to invent, to bring forth that which others cannot imagine. To forever improve the world by your very presence. Accept your responsibility to be an inspiration to others.

  • Feel Complete Control
  • Build Any Life You Want
  • Connect With Unlimited Possibility
  • Consistently Turn Thoughts Into Things
  • Natural Initiative
  • Become A Leading Thinker
  • Never Be Stumped Again
  • Rebuild Any Experience
  • Extrapolate Any Desire
  • Achieve Your True Human Potential
  • Enjoy Never Ending Growth
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NLP Mind Magic

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