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Wealth Tuning

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Wealth Tuning

Train Your Mind To Automatically Think In Ways That Consistently Generates Wealth

Conscious Training

  • Limitations Of Studying Successful People
  • Why Reverse Engineering Success Rarely Works
  • Why Successful People Rarely Know Why They Were Successful
  • The Hidden Data Nobody Notices
  • The Structure of Existence
  • The Purpose Of Human Life
  • Separating Mythology From Truth
  • Our Ancient Nomad Origins
  • Why We Always Want More
  • Why Wanting More Is Perfect
  • Why Everybody Wants More Money
  • The Source of Money Anxiety
  • Structure of Money
  • What Money Really Is
  • Where Money Really Comes From
  • The Easy Recipe For Consistent Success
  • Ancient Human Mindsets
  • The Worst Mindset For Making Money
  • The Hidden Human Mindset
  • Why It Is Much More Powerful
  • Why It Trumps Everything
  • Fundamental Basics Of Human Desire
  • Internal And External Similarities
  • Outside World - Inside Mind
  • Origins of Society
  • Why We Keep Growing
  • Why We Keep Inventing
  • Why Money Keeps Expanding
  • How To Love The Process
  • How To Master The Process
  • Building Wealth Employee Style
  • How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable
  • How To Always Be In Demand
  • Building Wealth Entrepreneur Style
  • Why You Are A Genetic Entrepreneur
  • The Genetic Basis For Wealth
  • Understanding Human Thought
  • The Origin Of Money
  • The Origin Of Credit
  • The Origin Of Banking
  • Understanding and Mastering The Process
  • The Human Entrepreneur
  • Why Always Subconsciously Reinvent Yourself
  • How To Get Paid For What You're Already Doing
  • How To Maximize Your Money Skills
  • Basic Money Mindset
  • Simple Ingredients Needed
  • Simply Daily Exercises
  • How To Unlock Desire Energy
  • How To Leverage Desire Energy
  • How To Create Specific Money Desire
  • How To Harness Specific Money Desires
  • Source Of Money Fears
  • Why Everybody Has Money Fears
  • Daily Exercises to Erase Money Fears
  • Daily Exercises To Obliterate Money Anxiety
  • Develop Deep Money Appreciation
  • How To Appreciate Money as a Concept
  • How To Appreciate Your Future Money
  • Unleash Your Desire Energy
  • Building Skill Appreciation
  • Re-Tune Your Skill Memory
  • Develop Massive Skill Congruence
  • Find Forgotten Money Skills
  • Open Other People Desires
  • Maximize Other People Desires
  • Creating Raw Money Mental Material
  • Letting Raw Money Mental Material Incubate
  • How To Trust Your Subconscious
  • How To Keep Feeding Your Subconscious Raw Money Material
  • Desire Treasure Hunting
  • Re-Tune Your Opinion Of People
  • How To See Everybody As Desperate For You
  • Future Skills Brainstorming
  • How To Find Seeds Everywhere
  • Turn Seeds Into Concrete Ideas
  • The One Ingredient You Must Embrace
  • The One Ingredient That Will Spur You To Genius
  • Quickly Exposure Skills
  • Eradicate Any Idea Of Rejection
  • Learn To Embrace All Feedback
  • Advanced Hate Deflection Tactics
  • Learn To Extract Data and Ignore Emotions
  • How Angry Customers Can Lead To Wealth
  • How Angry Customers Can Lead To Genius Ideas
  • How All Data Leads To Money
  • Embrace The Money Reality
  • See Money Energy Everywhere
  • Feel The Flow Of Infinite Money
  • Powerful Money Journaling Tactics
  • Turn Your Dreams Into A Money Machine
  • Get Ideas Gushing From Nowhere
  • Turn Loose Your Money Genius
  • Embrace Your Wealth Building Purpose
  • Accept Your True Money Purpose

Subliminal Programming

Burning Desire Generator

Anything is possible with a strong enough desire. Learn to expand and appreciate your never ending drive. Leverage this natural and inexhaustible inner energy to create your financial empire.

  • Awaken Your Eternal Seeker
  • Appreciate Desire Energy
  • Unlock Hidden Desire Energy
  • Develop Unstoppable Drive
  • Uncover Relentless Motivation
  • Become A Non Stop Achiever
  • Turbo Charge Your Natural Curiosity
  • Release Unbridled Craving
  • Feel Relentless Lust For Success
  • Obliterate All Hesitation
  • Become An Insistent Force Of Growth

Desire Seeker

Learn to see the unlimited desire within others. Expand it, maximize it and make as much money as you can by satisfying it. Gain a deep appreciation for the nearly infinite desires within every single human on Earth, and the business opportunities they represent.

  • Leverage The Never Ending Wants of Others
  • Tap Hidden Markets
  • Explore Unknown Problems To Solve
  • Reverse Communication Style
  • Become An In Demand Person
  • Expand Their Deep Fantasies
  • Appreciate Hidden Sources of Creativity
  • See Everybody In A Different Light
  • Easily Create New Relationship
  • Effortlessly Expand You Network
  • Eradicate Any Thought Of Rejection

Explorer Mindset

Become a non stop explorer, eager to discover as many opportunities as you can. Open up your natural creativity and allow it to pull you forward into your wealthy future with unstoppable force.

  • Find Your Hidden Interests
  • Develop Lifelong Learning
  • Uncover Your True Purpose
  • Enjoy The Path of Growth
  • Continuous Expansion Of Possibility
  • Relentless Search For Money Opportunities
  • See Things Others Don't
  • See Things Others Are Afraid To
  • Tap Your Ancient Drive For Discovery
  • Maximize Your Mental Potential
  • Create More Than You Think Possible

Information Tuning

Become a sponge for helpful data and information. Tune your mind to the right frequency to increase your skills and the money making value you provide to others. See everything in the world as a vast resource of information, just waiting for you to tap.

  • Become An Information Sponge
  • Make Subconscious Connections
  • Unleash Your Relentless Learner
  • Become A Life Long Skill Collector
  • Generate Unlimited Creativity
  • Powerful Brainstorming Skills
  • Endless Intellectual Expansion
  • Maximize Your Time
  • Continuously Increase Productivity
  • Steady Increase In Efficiency
  • Unstoppable Thirst For Knowledge

Money Instinct

Understand the absolute beauty of money as a concept. Rid yourself of false money fears and anxieties based on money myths. Embrace money as the true metaphysical force of economic and societal expansion that eradicates lack and creates happiness.

  • Obliterate Money Fears
  • Leave Behind Money Worries
  • Embrace Money Energy
  • See Money Opportunities Everywhere
  • Deep Appreciation Of All Money
  • Eagerly Ask For Any Sale
  • Slip Into Global Money Flow
  • Endless Money Ideas
  • Calibrate Your Money Mind
  • Destroy False Money Myths
  • End All Scarcity And Lack

Pleasure Calibration

Learn to love money making activities. Find the perfect labor-leisure balance that maximizes your income stream. Enjoy laying every single brick of your financial empire.

  • Enjoy Money Building Activities
  • Connect Pleasure To Profits
  • Join Productivity And Enjoyment
  • Enjoy What Gets You Paid
  • Maximize Your Personal Money Balance
  • Appreciate Wealth Building Activities
  • Luxuriate In Money Learning Tasks
  • Savor In Money Building Skills
  • Ditch Time Wasting Behavior
  • Leave Behind Unprofitable Hobbies
  • Relish Every Step Of Empire Building

Social Expansion

See people for what they are: An unlimited source of desire they'll happily pay you to satisfy. Feel the deep truth that behind every stranger's face is a multitude of money making opportunities. See people as desperate for somebody like you to open up their inner desires.

  • Discover A Natural Love Of Others
  • Easily Build Any Network
  • Enjoy Talking To Strangers
  • Build An Army Of Supporters
  • Reject The Idea Of Rejection
  • Explode People's Desires
  • Fill Your Mind With Opportunity
  • Rid Yourself Of Social Fears
  • Obliterate All Social Anxiety
  • Enjoy Making Money Connections
  • Resonate With Natural Social Energy
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Wealth Tuning

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