Luck Activator

George Hutton
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Luck Activator

Switch On Your Internal Luck Factor And Magnify Intuition, Generate Powerful Synchronicity and Feel The Universal Conspiracy Of Support

Visualization Guide

You'll get comprehensive manual detailing the science and practice of luck, and more importantly, how to best use these powerful listening sessions for maximum benefit.

There are simple instructions how to listen, when to listen, and what to think about when you listen. But the REAL MEAT of this course are the life-changing sessions themselves.

Open To Luck

  • Turn On Your Internal Luck Activator
  • See Things Others Don't
  • Solid Belief Change
  • Powerful Luck Expectation
  • See Luck Everywhere
  • Fine Tune Your Luck Perception
  • Recognize Your Lucky Ideas
  • Feel The Ever Present Support Of Luck
  • Be Recognized As Lucky
  • Easily Make Lucky Decisions
  • Become Bold and Outgoing

Intuition Maximizer

  • Trust Your Inner Guidance
  • Magnify Your Inner Voice
  • Strengthen Your Connection To The Super Conscious
  • Stronger Subconscious Communication
  • Connect With Infinite Intelligence
  • Always Know What To Do
  • Always Know What To Say
  • Skyrocket Social Confidence
  • Always Know Where To Go
  • Develop Genius Insight
  • Destroy All Doubt


  • Always Be In The Right Place
  • Always Meet The Right People
  • Always Show Up Just In Time
  • Universal Guidance
  • Receive A Conspiracy Of Support
  • Always The Center of Action
  • Radiate Incredible Charisma
  • Feel Deep and Powerful Confidence
  • Destroy All Uncertainty
  • Live On The Leading Edge Of Reality
  • Open To Infinite Unfolding

Easy Action

  • Always Act Decisively
  • Fearless Behavior
  • Abolish All Anxiety
  • Enjoy Uncertainty
  • Eject All Social Phobias
  • Enjoy All Aspects Of Life
  • Have Fun Doing Everything
  • Appreciate All Outcomes
  • Destroy Fear of Failure
  • All Actions Lead To Success
  • Never Feel Self Doubt Again

Positive Mindset

  • Unstoppable Thinking
  • Always Expect Good Things
  • Always See A Silver Lining
  • Understand How Everything Fits Together
  • Be Immune To Criticism
  • Love "Mistakes"
  • The Future Is Always Bright
  • Become A Social Magnet
  • Inspire All Around You
  • Life Is Always More Amazing
  • Never Ending Success

Flexible Mindset

  • See Things From All Points Of View
  • No Meaning Set In Stone
  • Rewrite The Meaning of Life Itself
  • Never Be Stuck In A Rut Again
  • Non Stop Creativity
  • Non Stop Ideas
  • Non Stop Genius Thinking
  • Turn Lemons Into GOLD!
  • Maximum Resourcefulness
  • Always Find A Solution
  • No Problem Is Unsolvable

Curious Mindset

  • Insatiable Thirst For Discovery
  • Become An Explorer Of Life
  • Always Make Things Better
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Non Stop Flow Of Ideas
  • Turn Normal Situations Into Treasure
  • Expect Hidden Gems In Uncertainty
  • Become A Social Leader
  • Leave Mediocrity Behind For Good!
  • Improve On The Genius Of Others
  • Deep Appreciation For The Mysteries Of Life

Master Mix

When you absolutely, positively HAVE to drill your brain with non-stop luck love, this session will do the trick! 1792 voices all speaking your deep truth to EXPLODE your luck in a hurry! Use this to turbo charge your luck as needed!

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