Manifest Men

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Manifest Men

Create Your Ideal Man In Your Mind and Attract Him Into Your Life

Learn the inner game secrets and the outer game behaviors to easily create the ideal romantic relationship.

Full manual, over twenty hours of subliminal programming. Learn everything you need to know to transform yourself from the inside out to maximize your love potential and attract the man of your dreams.

60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Get this course now and start creating your ideal relationship with the ideal man.

  • Why Meeting Men Seems Hard
  • Why It's Not Your Fault
  • The Structural Reasons For Scarcity
  • How To Overcome False Scarcity
  • How To Build In Real Abundance
  • How To Defeat Self Deception
  • The False Fear of Rejection
  • The False Fear of Social Pressure
  • How To Dismantle Rejection
  • Learn To Love Social Attention
  • The Two Mindsets of Life
  • Why You're Using The Wrong Mindset
  • Why The Right Mindset Is Much Easier
  • Why The Right Mindset Is More Attractive
  • Why The Right Mindset Offers More Choice
  • How To Skyrocket Your Real Value
  • How To Consistently Build Your Value
  • How To Radiate Your Own Value
  • Why More Value Is More Attraction
  • The Sales Funnel Mindset
  • The Qualifier Mindset
  • How To Effectively Sort Winners and Losers
  • Easy Ice Breaker Techniques
  • Why Specific Words Don't Matter
  • How To Categorize Your Men
  • How To Tell Friends From Lovers
  • How To Tell Mr. Right from Mr. Right Now
  • Secrets of Creating Love
  • How Love Happens
  • The Power Of Push Pull
  • The Many Levels of Push Pull
  • How To Train Him To Be Dominant
  • How To Train Him To Be Submissive
  • How To Get Him Always Thinking of You
  • How To Sneak Into His Future
  • How To Drop Love Bombs In His Mind
  • How To Deal With Logistical Issues
  • Create Your Dream Man In Mind First
  • Be Chased By Many Quality Men
  • How To Heal Your Past
  • How To Rewrite Your History
  • How To Rewire Your Brain
  • How To Learn To Be As Expressive As A Child
  • How To Have Fun Approaching
  • True Secrets of Manifesting
  • Why He Must Exist In Mind First
  • What Intuition Really Is
  • How To Strengthen Your Intuition
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Increase Confidence
  • Increase Real Self Worth
  • Secrets Of The Pendulum
  • How To Ask The Pendulum
  • Daily Exercises For Consistent Growth
  • Radiate Irresistible Sexual Energy
  • Create Attraction At A Distance
  • Lure Men From Miles
  • Drive Men Crazy With One Look
  • Get Men Following You Like Lost Puppies
  • Extreme Self Confidence
  • Stay In His Mind Forever
  • Stand Out Among Women
  • Make Him Begging Before Words are Exchanged
  • Make All His Dreams Come True
  • Absolute Sexual Confidence
  • Drive Him Crazy With Desire
  • Shatter His Illusion of Perfection
  • Kick Awkwardness Away Forever
  • How To Make Him Eagerly Wait
  • Deep Appreciation of Your Secret Weapon
  • Destroy All Competition
  • Destroy All Resistance
  • Find Men Everywhere
  • Natural Abundance Mindset
  • Leave Scarcity In The Past
  • Men Approach You Everywhere
  • See Things Others Don't
  • Create Subconscious Competition In All Men
  • Create New Relationships With Ease
  • Enjoy Being Surrounded By Desperate Masculinity
  • Choose Only The Best - NEVER Settle For Less
  • Know Where To Go
  • Know When To Approach
  • Deep Connection to Your Subconscious
  • Strengthen Your Mind-Body Connection
  • Significantly Increase Efficiency
  • Significantly Decrease Anxiety
  • Feel Deep Love For Self and Others
  • Awake The Infinite Feminine Within
  • Resonant Peace of Mind
  • Complete Self Acceptance
  • Absolute Openness
  • Easily Create Emotional Intimacy
  • Lasting Emotional Connections
  • Confidently Share Your Deepest Self
  • Make Him Feel Absolutely Safe With You
  • Communicate On Multiple Levels
  • Maximize Yin and Yang Cooperation
  • Enjoy Ideal Male-Female Balance
  • Easily Sort Through Contenders
  • Separate Buddies From Close Friends
  • Know Potential Lovers in Minutes
  • Easily End Unhelpful Relationships
  • Absolute Confidence Saying "No"
  • Make Them Work To Get Close To You
  • Rapid Red Flag Disqualification
  • Put Toxic Relationships Forever In The Past
  • Mentally Build and Attract Your Ideal Man
  • Know Your Infinite Value
  • Find Real Examples In Your Past
  • Never Settle For Less
  • Objective Understanding Of Your Truth
  • Create Powerful Subconscious Attraction
  • Radiate Powerful Self-Confidence
  • Obliterate Anxiety and Fear of Rejection
  • Radiate Magnetic and Irresistible Attraction
  • Be In A Class All Your Own

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Manifest Men

2 ratings
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