Street Hypnosis

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Street Hypnosis

Learn The Secret Language Technology That'll Make You A Star Of Every Party, Controller of Minds and Owner of All Social Interactions

  • Street Hypnosis - Ultimate Persuasion
  • Zero Rapport Hypnosis
  • Rapid Induction Theory
  • How the Mind Works
  • Secrets of Thought
  • How To Preempt the Conscious Critic
  • Sneak In Under Their Defenses
  • Human Hierarchy
  • How to Be Seen As An Authority
  • How To Make Them Instinctively Compliant
  • Why'll They Immediately Assume You're In Charge
  • The Myth of Hypnosis
  • How Stage Hypnosis is Mostly Fake
  • How YouTube Hypnosis is Mostly Fake
  • How To Use Real Hypnosis To Make a YouTube Fortune
  • Confusion Patterns
  • Why It's Easier Than You Think
  • How To Quickly Shatter Their Reality
  • The Handshake Interrupt Theory
  • The Grammar Interrupt Theory
  • The Well-Formed-Thought Interrupt Theory
  • Brain Twisting Ambiguity Patterns
  • Groucho Marx's Secret To Humor
  • Perfect Party Patterns
  • Hypnosis Sandwiches
  • Get Everybody High Without Inhaling
  • Plenty Combinations and Examples
  • Word For Word Examples
  • How To Imply Cause and Effect
  • How To Sound Academically Brilliant
  • Confusion and Pseudo Logic
  • Secrets Linguistic Presuppositions
  • Get Them To Believe Anything
  • The Preposterous Brain Stack
  • Inert Ideas in Seconds
  • Triple Decker Mind Bending Fun
  • Two Ancient Powers Of Persuasion
  • How To Leverage Ancient Human Instincts
  • Maximize The Belief of Any Crazy Ides
  • The Holy Grail of Street Hypnosis
  • Easy Command Structure
  • Commands They'll Obey and Forget
  • Get Them To Do Anything
  • Built In Plausible Deniability
  • Secrets Of Blurred Realities
  • Get Fictional Characters Telling Them What To Do
  • Get Them Laughing Hysterically
  • The Simple Trick That Politicians Get Wrong
  • The Easy Way To Train Them Like a Puppy
  • Daily Drills and Practice
  • How To Slowly Build Up Your Skills
  • Simple Techniques To Practice Today
  • Example Patterns To Try On Friends
  • The Black Coffee Pattern
  • The Groucho Marx Believability Technique
  • The Elevator Phone Strategy
  • The Party Brain Bomb
  • Street Interruption Patterns
  • How To Ask For Directions That Fade Their Brain
  • Polite Interruptions Followed by Crazy Commands
  • Time Travel Patterns
  • Time Travel Confusion Patterns
  • Double Triple Quadruple Negatives
  • Turn Any Movie Plot Into a Confusion Bomb
  • Ambiguity Joke Generation
  • Simple Questions That Invite Mental Chaos
  • Glue Crazy Ideas To Their Brain
  • Return Of Kings Pattern
  • Lucky Patterns
  • Convoluted Quotes Patterns
  • Powerfully Hypnotizing Content
  • Talk About Vague Ideas Like Real Objects
  • Ideas That Generate Instant Hypnosis
  • Step By Step Practice Tips
  • Secrets of Fractionation
  • How To Use Fractionation To Program Your Friends
  • How To Set Up Trigger Words In Their Mind
  • Preprogram All Your Friends and Associates

Session Descriptions

Party Hero

Be the guy or gal that every party needs. Be a one person party making everybody happy who is lucky enough to be around you. Turn even a boring line at the post office into a side splitting event they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

  • Get Invited To Every Party
  • Become The Most Popular Person Everywhere
  • Hold Entire Rooms In The Palm of Your Hand
  • Radiate Party Energy
  • Hypnotize Entire Rooms
  • Mesmerize All The Guests
  • Create A Powerfully Attractive Reputation
  • Always In Demand
  • Always Pre-Qualified

Magnetic Charm

Radiate that wonderful energy that everybody loves but can't describe. That presence that everybody will feel when you walk into a room. That "thing" that few people have, but everybody craves. When all you need to do is look at somebody smile and make their heart skip beats.

  • Massive Social Charm
  • People Naturally Attracted To Your Energy
  • Create Instant Desire
  • Have Them Hanging on Every Word
  • Natural Authority Energy
  • Natural Leader Energy
  • Brighten People's Moods by Your Presence
  • Make Everybody Happy Just By Showing Up
  • Always Have A Social Circle of Admirers

Mesmerizing Congruence

Develop that resonance that comes from speaking truth from every core of your being. That rock solid and unquestionable frame that will have everybody hanging on your every word.

  • Speak With Massive Believability
  • Radiate Natural Truth
  • Stretch The Limits of What's Possible
  • They'll Believe Anything You Say
  • They'll Agree To Anything You Suggest
  • Powerful Hypnotic Power
  • Instant Trance Generator
  • Irresistibly Commanding Presence
  • Each Word Dripping With Power

World Class Actor

Easily slip on any set of characteristics or persona like it was a custom tailored jacket. Serve up mind numbing patterns with dead pan delivery or like any goofy cartoon character, or even switch whenever you feel like it.

  • Easily Take On Any Persona
  • Quickly Shift Into Any Role
  • Massively Attractive Stage Presence
  • Turn Heads Everywhere
  • Use Your Language Like An Instrument
  • Leverage Your Voice To Move Their Minds
  • Be Cause To Their Effect
  • Deliver Patterns With Stunning Effect
  • Emulate Your Favorite Film Stars

Playful Player

No longer wait for permission to have a good time. See everywhere as the perfect party place, and every person filled with wonderful hypnotic potential.

  • Move Their Emotions Anywhere You Like
  • See People As Pliable Playthings
  • Gain Incredible Interpersonal Flexibility
  • Unlimited Interpersonal Possibilities
  • Get Anybody To Agree To Anything
  • Always Get Them Laughing and Happy
  • Open Up Even The Most Closed Off
  • Raise The Energy of Any Crowd
  • See Life as A Huge Nonstop Party

Linguistic Wizard

Build in the ability to use the powerful techniques in the manual like a virtuoso pianist. Deliver the linguistic technology with the laser precision of a microsurgeon.

  • Use Language Patterns Skillfully
  • Chose Words With Elegance
  • Use Pauses Effectively
  • Handle Language Like A Skilled Surgeon
  • Unstoppable Linguistic Elegance
  • Short Statements That Send Minds Spinning
  • Speak With Unheard of Eloquence
  • Always Leave A Lasting Impression
  • World Class Wordsmith Skills

Obedience Generator

Blast away any remnant of inner anxiety and walk, talk and speak like a natural leader who commands automatic, subconscious and eager obedience from whoever is lucky enough to be listening to you.

  • Always Be The Authority
  • Generate Willful Compliance
  • Create Eager Obedience
  • You Talk - They Obey
  • Always Agreeing Head Nods
  • Your Ideas Are Always The Best
  • Be The One They Are Waiting For
  • Master Secrets of Human Hierarchy
  • Lucrative and Commanding Power
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Street Hypnosis

3 ratings
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