Seven Laws

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Seven Laws of Power

How To Use The Embedded Triggers In Their Mind For Easy Influence

Conscious Training


Understand the secrets of authority. Realize why even pretend authority can drive people to commit murderous acts. Learn to leverage this ancient human law that makes most people turn off their brains and become instantly obedient whenever an authority figure shows up.

  • What Authority Is
  • Why Authority Works
  • How To Fake Authority
  • How To Imply Authority
  • How To Authority They Are Obedient To
  • Hypnotic Language Patterns To Implant Authority
  • Short Sentences That Attach Authority To Any Idea
  • How To Leverage Undefined Authority
  • Nested Loop Stories To Magnify Authority
  • Powerful Anchoring Techniques
  • Hypnotic Authority Commands

Social Proof

Learn why social proof works. Why there really is safety in numbers. How nearly every marketers and advertiser since the dawn of time has leveraged social proof to make money. How even the Beatles used fake social proof before they became famous. Why it works and how to use it.

  • Social Proof Secrets
  • How To See It Everywhere
  • How To Reverse Engineer It
  • Piggyback On Others' Social Proof
  • Hypnotically Imply Social Proof
  • Powerful Language Patterns For Social Proof
  • Subtle Social Proof Anchoring
  • Nested Loop Social Proof Stories
  • Social Proof Idea Implanting
  • Become Immune To The Effects of Social Proof
  • Use Social Proof To Master Their Minds


We want what we can't have. How one small sentence changed a company from zero sales to massive profits. Why everything on Earth is scarce, and how this can make this idea the most powerful. How to leverage the natural and deep human fear of lack. Why decreasing products always create increasing buying desire. How to imply scarcity within every conversation.

  • Scarcity Secrets
  • How To Leverage The Abundance of Scarcity
  • How To Selectively Point Out Scarcity
  • Hypnotically Leverage Their Fear Of Missing Out
  • Easy Conversational Scarcity Highlighting Techniques
  • Nested Loops For Scarcity
  • Maximize Buying Desire
  • Create A Frenzy Of Need For Anything
  • Powerful Anchoring Techniques
  • Tons Of Useful Language Patterns
  • Deep Implied Impending Scarcity

Comparison and Contrast

This little known law helped retailers make a killing simply by rearranging their product shelves. Why things look much better when we selectively compare them to something else. How to take anything and make it look better by comparison. How and why this law works. How a real estate company easily sold houses way out of their buyers stated ranges.

  • Always Look Better By Comparison
  • How To Structure Your Offer
  • How To Structure Your Suggestion
  • Easy Appointment Setting Secrets
  • Make First Dates A Snap To Agree To
  • Deep Loops With Double Anchors
  • Nested Loops With Comparison Anchors
  • Hypnotic Patterns for Easy Choices
  • Your Idea Will Always Be The Easiest Choice
  • Train Yourself To Always Use Comparison Anchors
  • Leverage Their Pre-Set Preferences

Commitment and Consistency

Learn why we nearly always choose the familiar and comfortable over the new and uncertain. How to structure your suggestions and offers so they are consistent with your targets' previous decisions, purchases, and dating habits. How to make going home with you seem natural and familiar even if you've only known him or her for a couple of hours. Why this is the proven technique behind every sales funnel you've slid through.

  • How To Set Up Your Offers
  • How To Mine Their Mind For Similarity
  • Hypnotically Embedded Familiarity
  • The Magic of Assigning Them A Positive Label
  • Give Them A Compliment They'll Work To Keep
  • Hypnotically Install Steps To Your Choice
  • Deep Hypnotic Loops To Install Comfort
  • Nested Loops To Generate Familiarity
  • How To Anchor Previous Decisions
  • Use Those Anchors For Future Suggestions
  • Leverage The Power of Pseudo Logic


Understand the magic of The Godfather Principle. Why doing favors will subconsciously compel them to pay you back. How to work simple and free favors into your natural behavior to naturally create an army of supporters. How to imply previous favors they'll want to repay. Secret techniques of waiters to get tons of tips.

  • The Magic Of Favors
  • Why The Repayments Are Always More
  • How to Hypnotically Imply Previous Favors
  • Powerful Language Patterns To Generate Reciprocity
  • Deep Loops of Back and Forth
  • Hypnotically Install Long Histories of Back and Forth
  • Make New Friends Feel They Owe You
  • Nested Stories To Generate Deep Obligation In Your Targets
  • Anchoring Techniques To Resonate Back and Forth Feelings
  • Pseudo Logic Language Patterns
  • Get Them To Forget To Keep Score


The famous Halo Effect. Why gorgeous people have it easier than the rest of us. Why we believe people just because we like them. Why we obey people just because we like them. Why there are no ugly newscasters. (hint: we believe beautiful people!) How to leverage the Halo Effect even if you aren't a super model. Sneaky tricks to skyrocket how much they like you, and will subsequently obey and follow you, no matter where you are on the beauty scale.

  • How To Radiate Attraction and Desire
  • Subconscious Secrets of Automatic Liking
  • Why Body Language Rapport is Always Essential
  • Easy Rapport Techniques
  • Hypnotic Commands To Make Them Like You
  • Hypnotic Stories To Create Deep Connections
  • Powerful Anchors To Accelerate Attraction
  • Create Deep Connections Within Minutes
  • Nested Loops and Brain Bomb Attraction Tricks
  • Pseudo Logic Of Natural Liking
  • Back and Forth Anchors of Love Glue

Unconscious Programming


Radiate authority from your very presence. Infuse all your ideas and suggestions with pre-approval. Prime people to automatically accept and follow your advice before you speak. Create a powerful sphere of influence that radiates pure domination.

  • Naturally Powerful Posture
  • Deep Command of Language
  • Slow and Steady Movements
  • Speak With Massive Confidence
  • Automatically Outframe Anybody
  • Extreme Believability
  • Subconscious Command Energy
  • Never Need For Any References
  • Alpha In Every Situation
  • Generate Immediate Obedience
  • Pre-Approval Everywhere

Social Proof

Send out subconscious signals that tell other people you are socially proofed in the very best way. Get them imagining that you have a crowd of supports ready to follow you anywhere. Even if you're alone, radiate that rare energy that indicates you are social magic.

  • Immense Popularity
  • Automatic Social Circle
  • Instant and Powerful Charisma
  • Automatic Belief In Your Ideas
  • Set Trends
  • Attract Followers
  • Create A Party Wherever You Are
  • Easily Outshine Anybody
  • Always Well Known
  • Personal Energy of Prominence
  • Everybody Eager To Get Into Your Social Circle


Generate that deep anxiety that you are about to bounce, so people had better take advantage of your presence while they can. Maximize your perceived value by leveraging the internal law of supply and demand. Since your valuable presence will always be scarce, you will be in infinite demand.

  • Always Be Pertinent
  • Generate Separation Anxiety In Others
  • Consistent Increase in Value
  • People Desperate To Keep You
  • Always Have an Advantage
  • Radiate A Willingness To Walk
  • They'll Always Want The Deal More
  • Deep Appreciation of Your Own Value
  • Make Them Value Every Second Of Your Time
  • Become A Walking One Time Offer
  • Be Excellent - Be Gone

Comparison and Contrast

Leverage the natural law that makes you look good compared to anybody. Always seem smarter, more natural, more valuable and more attractive. Radiate the energy that screams to them that choosing between you and anybody else, you are always the obvious choice.

  • Always Look Better By Comparison
  • Always Look More Valuable By Comparison
  • Always Look More Attractive By Comparison
  • Win Every Social Contest
  • Shine in Every Job Interview
  • They'll Never Want To Be With Anybody Else
  • Make Deciding You Easy
  • Always Be On The Best Side
  • Become The One They Always Want
  • Become The One They Always Choose
  • Always Leverage Your Strengths

Commitment and Consistency

People tend to do what's comfortable and familiar. Radiate the subconscious energy that makes you comfortable and familiar, even if they just met you. Get people go home with you after just a few minutes because you radiate the energy of comfort and familiarity. Get people to buy anything or take any recommendation from you since you seem so familiar and comfortable to them.

  • Always Be Familiar
  • Make New Ideas Comfortable
  • Make It Easy On Them To Choose You
  • Be Their Subconscious Decision
  • Your Ideas Always Easy To Accept
  • They'll Imagine They've Known You For Years
  • Your Ideas Are Always Their Next Step
  • Following You Is What They've Always Done
  • Leverage Their Previous Actions in Your Favor
  • Line Up Their Former Thoughts To Support You
  • Whatever You Want Is Their Next Easy Step


Leverage this powerful law which creates a deep subconscious urge in others to reciprocate any favors you've done. Radiate a powerful energy that makes you very presence a gift. One they will feel compelled to reciprocate by doing anything you suggest.

  • They'll Always Feel Obliged To You
  • Everybody Feels Like They Owe You
  • They'll Be Driven to Give Back To You
  • Create Unconscious Favors
  • Generate Unconscious Obligation
  • Eager Agreement To Any Idea
  • Natural Acquiescence To Any Suggestion
  • Elicit Powerful Obedience in Others
  • They'll Repay You Again and Again
  • They'll Always Be Eager To Please
  • Always Be Able To Collect


We believe and follow people we like and admire. Leverage this by radiating pure attraction. Generate that deep desire in them that will have them hanging on your every word. Elicit an affection that will make you the most attractive person in the room on a subconscious level, increasing their compulsion to follow your suggestions.

  • Ultimate Automatic Attraction
  • Deep Feeling of Genuine Rapport
  • Maximize The Halo Effect
  • Significantly Increase Your Physical Appeal
  • Significantly Increase Your Social Appeal
  • Significantly Increase Your Emotional Appeal
  • Instant Best Friends With Anybody
  • Deep and Powerful Connections
  • They'll Share Their Deepest Secrets
  • Generate Powerful Relationships
  • Instant Feeling of Lifelong Companionship

Master Mix

Use to fine tune your sex energy or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once. Use to resonate your sex energy throughout your entire being, both physical and spiritual.

  • All Sessions Mixed
  • Gamma Master - Perfect For Real Time Social Activities
  • 4V Theta Master - Quick Confidence Boost
  • 256V Theta Master - Thousands of Voices
  • Powerful Subconscious Influence
  • Slow Growth In All Areas
  • Resonate All Triggers
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Seven Laws

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