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Interpersonal Resonance

Comprehensive Manual

  • Adult Model Of The World
  • Exchange
  • Give And Get
  • Full Responsibility
  • Cure The Broken Feeling
  • Stop Feeling Like A Victim
  • Ditch The "numbers Game" Model Of Sales And Seduction
  • Light People Up Like A Xmas Tree
  • Overcome Their Shyness
  • The Four Quadrant Model Of Communication
  • Why Most People Communicate Wrong
  • Why Most Professional Salespeople Communicate Wrong
  • Why All Communication Is Persuasion
  • The Structure Of All Communication
  • The Most Important Aspects Of Communication
  • Why Nonverbal Communication Is Most Important
  • Why All Outer Game Must Come From Strong Inner Game
  • Step By Step Method For Rock Solid Inner Game
  • Easy Mental Exercises To Destroy Limitations
  • Easy Journaling Techniques To Obliterate Fear Of Failure
  • Daily Thought Patterns To Vanish Fear Of Rejection
  • Eradicate Fear Of Abandonment
  • Easy Boundary Setting
  • Easy Boundary Generating
  • Total Inner Congruence
  • Enhance Others Inner Game By Your Presence
  • Rewrite Your Past
  • Release Old Pain
  • Eject Old Trauma
  • Halt Childish Thinking
  • Rock Solid Self Responsibility
  • Become Irresistibly Attractive
  • Change How You View Society
  • Feel Comfortable In All Social Situations
  • Destroy Public Speaking Fears
  • Eliminate Self Sabotage
  • Complete Self Acceptance
  • Increase The Inner Game Of Others
  • Increase The Outer Game Of Others
  • Why Fame Isn't The Same As Charisma
  • The True Measure Of Personal Congruence
  • Congruence Generator Exercise
  • Accept And Embrace All Your Feelings
  • Step By Step Social Conversation Model
  • How To Create Deep Feelings Of Connection
  • Instantly Get Anybody Comfortable Around You
  • How To Break The Ice
  • How To Start A Conversation With Anybody
  • Eliminate First Conversation Jitters
  • How To Magnify Their Good Feelings Around You
  • The Right Questions To Ask
  • How To See Into Their Desires
  • The Secret To Magnetic Conversation Skills
  • How To Almost Always Get The Number
  • Why Closing Is The Easiest Part
  • How To Test For Connection
  • How To Use Time Distortion
  • How To Match The Structure Of Their Desires
  • How To Use Social Proof To Their Advantage
  • How To Leverage Their Desire For Validation
  • How To Leverage Their Desire For Social Status
  • Make A Fortune In Sales
  • Be An In Demand Person
  • Walk Up To Anybody Anywhere Anytime
  • Generate An Army Of Supporters
  • Eliminate Any Need For "Closing" Strategies
  • Customers Close Themselves
  • Romantic Partners Close Themselves
  • Business Interests Close Themselves
  • Powerful Exercises
  • Rewrite Daily History
  • Congruence Generator Exercise

Inner Game Subliminal Programming

Love People

  • Massive Social Comfort
  • Become More Talkative
  • Turbo Charged Magnetism
  • Super Friendly Generator
  • Become The Life of Every Party
  • Feel Safe and Open Around Strangers
  • Feel Comfortable In Crowds
  • Be At Home In Front Of Groups
  • Never Feel Social Anxiety Again
  • Never Fear The Spotlight Again

Reject Rejection

  • Always Feel Accepted
  • See Feedback Instead of Failure
  • Separate Data From Emotions
  • Always Feel Important
  • Always Feel Loved
  • Quickly Move On To The Next Person
  • Skyrocket Self Confidence
  • Unlimited Social Motivation
  • Best Friends With Yourself
  • Be A Social Butterfly
  • Approach Anybody With Ease

Delayed Gratification

  • Hidden Master Key Of Success
  • Build Out Your Future
  • Easy Decision Making
  • Destroy Bad Habits
  • Cultivate Money Habits
  • Cultivate Social Habits
  • Cultivate Romantic Habits
  • Out Think Everybody
  • Obliterate Self Sabotage
  • Consistent Skill Generation

Unbreakable Boundaries

  • Define Your Own Boundaries
  • Increase Your Attractiveness
  • Assertive Skills Practice
  • Covertly Quality Others
  • Why Defined Boundaries Increase Their Desire
  • Easily Say No Without Guilt
  • Gain Instant Respect
  • Strengthen Existing Relationships
  • Easily Build New Relationships
  • Always Feel Confident and Safe
  • Eliminate Manipulation Forever

True Self Appreciation

  • True Self Love
  • Deep Self Appreciation
  • Accept All Your Feelings
  • Forever Centered and Balanced
  • Never Be Dependent On Others
  • Eliminate Need For Approval
  • Smile In The Face of Criticism
  • Never Need Validation Again
  • Always Feel Good Enough
  • Deep and Permanent Happiness
  • Irresistibly Attractive Energy

Adult Mindset

  • The Give and Get Model
  • Release Feelings of Victimness
  • Eject Unwanted Emotions
  • Fully Embrace Emotional Exchange
  • State Your Wants Easily and Effectively
  • Powerful Communication Skills
  • Appreciate Your True Value
  • Appreciate The Value In Others
  • Leverage The Power of Feedback
  • Reframe The Meaning of "Rejection"
  • Free Yourself From Letdown For Good


  • Heal Your Past
  • Release Guilt
  • Release Grudges
  • Feel Completely Loved
  • Full Forgiveness Of Others
  • End Self Blame
  • Recreate The Ideal Childhood
  • Rewrite Your History
  • Install Perfect Parent Memories
  • Accept All Your Wants
  • Accept All Your Desires
  • Appreciate Your Shortcomings

Outer Game Subliminal Programming

Rapport Generator

  • Automatically Mirror Body Language
  • Automatically Mirror Breathing Rates
  • Instant Deep Connection
  • Rapport At A Distance
  • Unconsciously Lead Others
  • Strong Feelings Of Comfort
  • Rapid Feelings Of Attraction
  • Accelerate Agreement
  • Deepen Conversations
  • Others Feel Drawn To You
  • Social Confidence Accelerator

Approach Machine

  • Automatically Approach Others
  • Huge Social Charisma
  • Giant Personal Magnetism
  • Replace Anxiety With Curiosity
  • Become A Social Butterfly
  • Talk To Anybody
  • Become A People Magnet
  • Generate Instant Attraction
  • Eject Social Phobia Forever
  • Enormous Social Proof
  • Massive Social Authority

Conversation Starter

  • Open Anybody
  • Perfect Opener Generator
  • People Happy To See You
  • Start Conversations With Individuals
  • Start Conversations With Large Groups
  • Easy Ice Breaker
  • Make People Feel At Ease
  • Always Know What To Say
  • Perfect For Every Situation
  • Trust Your Unconscious
  • Subconscious Opener Generator

Curiosity For Treasure

  • Extreme Curiosity About Others
  • Ask Penetrating Questions
  • People Love Talking To You
  • People Get Excited Around You
  • People See You Like No Other
  • Always Know What To Say
  • Skyrocket Personal Charisma
  • Generate Massive Desire In Others
  • People Remember You Forever
  • Never Be Forgotten
  • People Beg To See You Again

People Love You

  • Positive People Expectation
  • Attractive Body Language Generation
  • Kind Facial Expressions
  • Easily Approach Anybody
  • Feel Zero Fear When Approaching
  • Know They Will Love You
  • Know They Will Respect You
  • Know They Will Remember You
  • Know They Will Admire You
  • Easily Close Anybody
  • Meet Powerful People
  • Meet Wealthy People
  • Meet The Perfect People

Meta Model Installation

  • Automatic Mind Programming
  • Make Their Dreams Clear
  • They'll Associate Their Dreams With You
  • They'll Find Their Fantasies Through You
  • Magic Wand Question Programming
  • Get Crystal Clear Information
  • Leave Them Feeling Better
  • Make Them Desperate To See You Again
  • Make Them Think of You When You're Gone
  • Unlock Their Secret Treasure
  • Inspire Them To Be Their Best

Conversational Magic

  • Be The Life Of The Party
  • People Gravitate To You
  • Incredible Social Magnetism
  • Fantastic People Magnet
  • Charisma At A Distance
  • Irresistibly Persuasive Social Energy
  • Turn Heads Wherever You Go
  • Create Love With Your Words
  • Radiate Pure Love Energy
  • Generate Deep Appreciation For Others
  • Feel Deep Appreciation From Others

Inner Game Master Mix
Outer Game Master Mix
Meta Master Mix

Product Summary

  • Comprehensive Communication Theory
  • Inner Game Skills and Drills
  • Outer Game Skills and Drills
  • Seven Hours Inner Game Subliminal Programming
  • Seven Hours Outer Game Subliminal Programming
  • Destroy Inner Fears
  • Become Elegant In Demand Persuader
  • Approach Anybody
  • Persuade Anybody
  • Close Any Conversation With Ease
  • Be Remembered Forever
  • Lifetime of Skills
  • Conquer Any Industry
  • Prosper In Any Economy
  • Turbo Charged Love Life
  • Skyrocket Your Income
  • Generate A Powerful Social Network

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Interpersonal Resonance

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