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George Hutton
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Listening Guide

The guide includes the basics of how to listen, and when to listen. It explains the basics of health and fitness in a very broad way so that it works along side ANY particular diet or exercise plan you've chosen. You'll have a description of each session, and some suggestions to get you started on some visualizations.

Subliminal Session Summary

Hunger Killer

  • No Will Power Required
  • Never Be A Slave To Hunger Again
  • Choose Your Foods
  • Relax Around Foods You Used To Love
  • Natural Food Appreciation
  • Release Fear Of Hunger
  • Stop Emotional Eating
  • Stop Late Night Eating
  • Enjoy Smells Without Desire To Eat
  • Never Worry About Cheating
  • Separate True Hunger From False Hunger

Turbo Metabolism

  • Train Your Body To Burn More
  • Burn Fat All Day Long
  • Increase Your Body's Efficiency
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Rediscover Your Body Harmony
  • Learn To Listen To Your Body
  • Match Your Metabolism To Your Body Type
  • Trust Your Metabolism To Work For You
  • Increase Overall Health
  • Increase Cravings For The Food You Need
  • Get More Energy With Less Food

Love Exercise

  • Learn To Love Exercise
  • Use Exercise To Relax
  • Use Exercise To Kill Stress
  • Use Exercise To Have Fun
  • Look Forward To Moving Your Body
  • Appreciate Your Body's Purpose
  • Use Exercise To Boost Self Confidence
  • Use Exercise To Boost Self Esteem
  • Natural Exercise Without Willpower
  • Accept All Exercises As Valid
  • No Need To Push Yourself

Healthy Sleep

  • Sleep Quickly
  • Sleep Deeply
  • Easily Ditch Late Night Habits
  • Enjoy Dreaming
  • Wake Up Refreshed
  • Wake Up Rested
  • Longer Sleep
  • Destroy Insomnia
  • Resonate Your Natural Rhythm
  • Maximize Health
  • Think More Clearly

Water Lover

  • Easily Ditch Sugary Drinks
  • Love Pure Water
  • Cleanse Your Body
  • Better Skin Tone
  • Smoother Skin
  • Love Water Most
  • Drink Plenty Throughout The Day
  • Never Be Dehydrated Again
  • Guzzle Water Like A Champ
  • Fill Up Faster
  • Blast Away Sugar Calories

Healthy Food

  • Works With Any Diet
  • Increase Desire For Healthy Food
  • Decrease Desire For Unhealthy Food
  • Maximize Food Appreciation
  • Enjoy Cooking Healthy Food
  • Enjoy Shopping For Healthy Food
  • Fall In Love With Your Kitchen
  • Increase Knowledge Of Healthy Food
  • Increase Body Harmony
  • Skyrocket Your Food Instinct
  • Purge Toxins

Flexible Body

  • Love To Stretch
  • Release Stress From Muscles
  • Release Stress From Tendons
  • Start Easy
  • Improve Gradually
  • Relax Into Yoga Poses
  • Better Concentration
  • Even Better Sleep
  • Tune In To Your Body
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Increase Muscle Tone

Master Mix

All sessions above mixed together. 1792 voices all at once. Perfect for a maintenance session or a turbo session when you want to get in shape in a hurry!

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