Charisma Generator

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Charisma Generator

George Hutton
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Develop Irresistible Personal Magnetism
Eight Hours of Powerful Subconscious Programming

Social Magnetism

  • Obliterate Shyness
  • Destroy Social Fear
  • Enjoy Attention From Others
  • Feel At Home In A Crowd
  • Instantly Feel Comfortable With Strangers
  • Easily Speak To Large Crowds
  • Radiate Powerful Attraction
  • Easily Start Conversations With Anybody
  • Become Naturally Outgoing
  • Feel Confident In Any Conversation
  • Be In Demand For Parties

Conversation Power

  • Easily Create Wonderful Conversations
  • Always Know What To Say
  • Speak With Charm and Charisma
  • Be A Highly Sought After Conversationalist
  • Comfortably Talk About Any Subject
  • Know When To Let Others Do The Talking
  • Resonate With The Natural Flow Of Conversation
  • Use Effective Humor
  • Develop Massive Persuasion
  • Read Body Language Like A Pro
  • Easily Read Between The Lines

Rock Solid Frame Control

  • Always Hold The Strongest Intention
  • Never Be Knocked Off Balance
  • Out Frame Like A Verbal Ninja
  • Always Hold Several Intentions At Once
  • Watch People Naturally Melt Into Your Frame
  • See How Easily People Readily Agree With You
  • Overwhelm People With Your Mere Presence
  • Always Be Naturally Dominant
  • Gain Easy Compliance With Anybody
  • See How Naturally People Qualify Themselves To You
  • Always Feel Confident And Comfortable

Always Alpha (Gender Neutral)

  • Be The Leader Of All Situations
  • Always Be In Control
  • Naturally Assume Authority
  • People Naturally Follow You
  • People Naturally Agree With You
  • Always Know What To Do
  • Men Obey You
  • Women Obey You
  • Gain Massive Support From Others
  • Enjoy Massive Loyalty From Others
  • Easily Solve Problems

Charismatic Movements

  • Project Massive Confidence With Body Language
  • Radiate Huge Charisma With Facial Expressions
  • Dominant and Attractive Eye Contact
  • Naturally Slow And Confident Movements
  • Ideal Posture
  • Laser Like Conversational Focus
  • Respond Slowly And Consciously
  • Consciously Manage And Direct Your Energy
  • Walk With Massive Poise
  • Speak Like A Seasoned Pro
  • Attractively Congruent Gestures

Win Every Argument

  • Never Fear Criticism Again
  • Obliterate All Objections
  • Easily Convince Others Of Your Point of View
  • On The Spot Witty Comebacks
  • Win Arguments With Kindness
  • Win Arguments With Compassion
  • Respect Others While Demonstrating Your Knowledge
  • Enlighten Others To Your Point of View
  • Never Feel On The Spot Again
  • Welcome Disagreements
  • Powerfully Attractive Sense Of Humor

Sexual Energy (Gender Neutral)

  • Attract Irresistible Desire
  • People Crave Your Presence
  • Fill All Conversations With Subtle Sex Energy
  • People Mesmerized By Your Energy
  • Attract Romantic Lovers
  • Attract Income Opportunities
  • Mesmerize Entire Crowds
  • Make People Desperate For Your Touch
  • Send Subtle Signals Within Conversations
  • Make People Dream About You
  • Unleash Unstoppable Magnetism

Master Mix

All sessions above mixed into one powerful session.1793 voices filling your subconscious with powerful truths about your unstoppable charisma and magnetism.

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